About Us - Curtidos Menacho

Curtidos Menacho is a leather warehouse located in Ubrique, in the province of Cadiz. Ubrique, is the town par excellence of leather and leather goods, highlighting Curtidos Menacho, among the wholesalers of leather and leather suppliers for artisans.

We have a wide range of articles and colors. Our optimum performance allows us to reach quickly and efficiently to all our customers. We cover a large number of manufacturers, from small artisans around the world to large fashion brands.

For this, our team rigorously selects the best leathers for the manufacture of bags, belts, footwear and leather goods in general.

In Curtidos Menacho, we offer you everything you need, whether you want to buy leather as a private craftsman, or if you want to buy leather of the highest quality for your company. Whether you are a company or a private individual, you may have difficulties in choosing the most suitable type of leather or material. That is why we want to help you in your decision. We can solve your doubts, so that you get the best material for your creations. As a leather wholesaler we want you to get high quality leathers.

Curtidos Menacho is the best choice.

You can download our leather catalog and discover everything we offer.

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