There are basic cares of which you should be aware in order to maintain that piece of leather you love so much. WIN the battle against time and, don't let the leather upholstery of your car or furniture that you love so much deteriorate.

Follow these basic CARE tips.

The passage of time is something we all worry about. We know that as the years go by everything degenerates, it is no secret that this happens, that's why we make decisions that help us in the preservation of pieces we cherish.

A good leather piece will always be trendy and will make any space stand out, that's why leather upholstery is an excellent way to enliven a space, besides, giving that piece a longer life expectancy.

That chair from yesteryear lying around in the basement of the house or in the room of things that are no longer useful can be brought back to life with a good leather upholstery, plus such reclaimed pieces always have a character that makes them stand out.

Once you decide to carry out a leather upholstery, there is no turning back and the truth is that you are not going to want to go back, it is worth revaluing a piece with a leather upholstery.

But the time factor will always be there, making an appearance, so we must apply care to that leather upholstery to face that dreaded enemy.

Do not complicate, it is not so difficult to take care of a piece that has been upholstered in leather, but, there are certain recommendations to make it last and, not only that, continue to preserve a good appearance.

Maintenance of leather parts.

Understand that leather, is dead skin therefore we can make a similarity with your skin, i.e. prolonged exposure to the sun and dehydration affect it.

For this reason you should prevent such factors from causing damage to your leather upholstery.

I remember one occasion when I got into a friend's car with leather upholstery, WHAT A LUXURY. The car didn't look at all luxurious from the outside, but as soon as you got in it was another experience, I remember that that seat upholstery shined, it was soft to the touch and made you feel in a late model car.

For a worshipper of leather parts like me, that experience was incredible. This is what I'm talking about when you have a leather part CARED for.

From the incredible feeling you get when you look at it and feel it that's why I'm talking to you about this basic leather upholstery maintenance.

Actions as simple as wiping with a damp towel preferably a microfiber towel every time you are cleaning your car can make the difference, this way, you will be avoiding dirt and dust accumulating causing cracks.

You can moisturize the skin, this will depend on the climate where you live, if it is very warm it is recommended once every month and if you live in a slightly colder climate, once every three months.

If you are going to moisturize the leather upholstery try to clean it previously very well.

Upholstery leather

The process to turn a leather into a luxury leather piece is quite a process.

At curtidos menacho we have an excellent article that talks about the leather tanning process.

There are different types of leather that are used to make leather upholstery.

And they are the following:

  • Aniline: Leather or hide, has no protective sealant, only dyed, it is called "Pure Aniline". It is very soft and not at all practical, as it stains and wears out very soon. It is mostly used on clothing and furniture. It is very difficult to see it on an automobile.
  • Semi-aniline: It is the same leather as aniline but this one has a very thin protective layer. It is often used in furniture.
  • Sealed or protected leather: If you are looking for a leather for your car, this is your option. It is treated with a protective layer that helps to maintain the properties of the leather.
  • Nubuck or Nobuck: Reminiscent of velvet. It is elegant and definitely unique to the touch. You have to consider what stains easily.

Mistakes to avoid with your leather upholstery.

Just as I am indicating you the different types of leather that exist with their respective characteristics, also these, have specific products for each of them.

Take this point into consideration when you want to take care of your leather upholstery. (IT IS VERY IMPORTANT).

I emphasize this, because sometimes people do not take advice and damage the leather, which is something we do not want to happen, that's why I tell you about the following typical mistakes.

    1. You should NOT use ammonia.

    2. It removes the natural oils, it damages the seams.

    3. Never use beeswax.

    4. Never use homemade detergents.

    5. Never use aerosol sprays.

Never use horse grease, shoe cream, or riding material conditioners. They are made for very thick leathers (REMEMBER: every leather is different).

Don't wait any longer and transform that old piece that looks lifeless, into an amazing piece with a leather upholstery.

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