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How to distinguish a synthetic leather

Many of the times that we go to make purchases of this type of article that is made of leather, we wonder how genuine it will be, already in itself, thanks to technology it is difficult for us to identify these materials, synthetic leather resembles much to natural leather and that is where we fall into the big question, is it synthetic or natural?

Here at curtidos menacho we will make sure that your ability to buy leather goods is much higher and thus you are sure to distinguish a synthetic leather. In addition, we all know that a synthetic leather will not resemble natural leather in quality, durability and resistance, that is why it is so important for us to know how to distinguish it and thus take the best articles made of natural leather to our homes.

How is a synthetic leather?

A synthetic leather tends to have a more plastic texture and this also gives it that lack of flexibility, a synthetic leather is stiffer and noticeably harder. Synthetic leather also does not have those imperfections such as tears or scars, something very common in natural leather and its smell is more plastic, which makes it easier to distinguish.

For these reasons, distinguishing a synthetic leather is very important, a synthetic leather does not offer us the quality that a natural leather can offer us. That quality, durability, resistance and elegance that a natural leather gives to a synthetic leather is incomparable.

A synthetic leather is not recommended, it will not last as long as a natural leather item and also does not meet the characteristics that an original leather can give us.

How is a natural leather?

A natural leather has a softer and significantly more flexible texture, this texture of natural leather gives it cushioning and can be checked by sinking the leather, it should wrinkle and then gently take its original shape, it also has a classic animal leather smell, in most cases also have tears or scars, although textile technology has advanced and has been eliminating these scars in natural leather, making it look smoother, and one of the most incredible reasons in 100% natural leather items is that when coming into direct contact with the fire it would not be completely damaged, if the contact with the fire does not last long, the leather article should return to its original shape within seconds.

So what should you buy?

We have already seen the characteristics of each leather, the differences between synthetic leather and natural leather and it shows us that the best thing in any case is to go for an original leather article, which, although it is a little more expensive, will be one more item. durable that will accompany us for many years, as long as it is also taken care of.

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