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About us

Curtidos Menacho is a leather warehouse located in Ubrique, a white village in the mountains of Cadiz, known as the cradle of leather craftsmanship. We are leather suppliers of big brands and fashion brands, as well as small leather craftsmen from all over the world.

Leather is an environmentally friendly material, being of animal origin, mainly cow, goat or lamb, it is a biodegradable article, as it is organic, it can decompose. It is a recyclable material, the leather is taken after its main use in the food sector.

For years the leather industry has been aware of the environment and the impact it can have, so in leather manufacturing and natural leather processing, we have found that there are ways of treating, tanning and producing that do not cause pollution of any kind. Our leathers comply with REACH, a European Union Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, adopted in order to improve the protection of human health and the environment against the risks that chemicals may present.

Leather industries have joined the "eco-friendly" movement by developing innovative techniques to treat leather using processes that do not involve polluting chemicals. Environmental legislation currently obliges tanneries to have strict recycling processes for water, chrome and other compounds that are then reused. For all these reasons, leather is a material to be taken into account for multiple uses. At Curtidos Menacho you will find leather manufactured in Spain of 100% European origin, taking care of the origin and production of our products to give you the assurance that you are making an environmentally responsible consumption when you choose us as leather suppliers to manufacture your leather goods.

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