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Tanned Leather Craftsmen

The development of leather goods as a consolidated craft in Ubrique dates back to the time of the Andalusian Caliphate. Arabs and Jews were the ones who adopted the tanning leather guild in Al Andalus until reaching an extraordinary level of refinement .

During this period, Andalusian trade acquired a character of international interest towards the main European markets of the period: France, the Netherlands and Germany. In Curtidos Menacho We are proud to continue this historic tradition serving professionals and leather artisans tanning of our generation.

We are currently in the process of expansion into the international market for leather lots. If our specialty is bovine hides, you will notice that our catalog has a range of creative and budgetary possibilities adapted to the sale of professional hides. If you are a professional looking for tanned leather, we recommend that you consult our catalogue


Tanned Leather Fans

Many hobbyists decide to embark on the small project of building their own accessory using basic materials such as leather tanning. The satisfaction of building your items is incomparable to that obtained by buying industrially manufactured accessories without any emotional value. If the satisfaction and affection towards your creations is not enough for you, you may be interested in finding out how much money you will save when buying tanned leather sheets.

If it is your first time as an amateur in leather crafts we recommend visit our article about leather tools. We regularly upload articles in our spare time, but if If you have a specific question about tanned leather, we are also available through the contact form.

Finally, we recommend you take a look at the tanned leather catalog that is at your available in the button below on this page for more information about our products and their features.

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