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Cow Skin

Cowhide has properties that make it thick and resistant, but without sacrificing flexibility, breathability and ductility. It is available stained and also in its natural format for a rustic touch.

Our cowhide is a tanned leather widely used in craft projects for clothing, bags, hats, belts, purses or footwear. The large dimensions of this type of leather are also useful for upholstery projects or items of considerable size such as a property.

If you are interested in using cowhide for your project or just want more information, remember that we are at your disposal through the contact form.


Goat Skin

Goatskin is known among artisans for its malleability and easy handling. Its small size of approximately 0.60m² makes it ideal for small projects such as purses or bracelets. The most well-known variety of goatskin is Marroquín, due to its origin from Morocco, a place that hosted the instruria of the Spanish body during the Christian wars, thus giving its name to the Leather Goods. Goatskin is a classic that will never be missing on the shelves of true artisans of tanned leather.

We recommend the opinion of a leather goods expert if you are still undecided about the leather of goat. Remember that we are at your disposal through the phone or form.


Lamb Skin

Lambskin refers to that obtained from sheep, it is a leather without wool. It is lighter than cowhide and much more soft. The average size of the hides is 0.60 m2 due to the relatively small size of the animal. It is characterized by being warm and pleasant to the touch, but at the same time very resistant. These leathers are extremely soft and have great elasticity, being more manageable when giving volume. Our lambskins are suitable for the manufacture of accessories such as bags, footwear, bracelets, backpacks, wallets and for making clothing. We recommend using lambskin, if you need more information from an expert to guide you in your project, remember that we are available to you both by e-mail as on the phone.

Leather for Craftsmen

Selling leather goods online is made difficult by the tactile nature of the product, meaning buyers want to see and touch to judge the final quality. We have devoted great efforts to the photography and description of our products in order to make life easier for our customers. As we are leather professionals we openly recognize that not all types of leather are valid for each project. If you enter our store looking for leather for a small wallet, we will advise you to buy goatskin; each leather has a use .

At Curtidos Menacho we believe that the customer should value the quality of the product for himself, letting the quality of our tanned leather speak for itself. The leather for craftsmen that we offer can be found in our online catalog and website. If you continue with doubts after visiting our catalog We recommend that you contact us to analyze your needs and offer a specialized tanned leather for your craft needs.

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