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 Goatskin leather: everything you need to know
Since time immemorial human beings have used animal leather to make clothing and shoes; one of the most used in the fur industry is goat leather, you should know that goats reproduce very quickly and throughout the year.goat leather for its thinness and strength is one of the best options to obtain the precision and quality required in any design because although the goat skin is of little thickness, it is compact in structure and extraordinary flexibility; that is why it can be worked with great ease.

Goat leather is usually obtained in pieces, with a size of approximately half a square meter or a little more, its thickness is approximately 1 mm; the colors are usually white, light brown, dark brown and black, being one of the favorite inputs in the fashion industry.


  • Cordovan: high quality leather obtained by vegetable tanning that allows it to maintain the color of the finish for a longer period of time, besides being light and soft to the touch.
  • Tafilete: This is a type of polished goatskin leather, finer than cordovan; among its most popular uses is bookbinding, although it is very useful for leather goods in general.
  • Dóngola: It is even more shiny and flexible than Tafilete, which increases its resistance; it is mainly used for the footwear industry. Depending on its purpose, it is probably the best quality variant.

Goatskin is an extremely flexible and resistant material, which allows, after being subjected to curing and manufacturing processes, to be worked and manipulated to be used in different ways, in the confection and manufacture of various pieces, from clothing to industrial uses.

We can commonly see purses, wallets and cases made with tanned goatskin; also, due to the fineness of this leather, it is used in the footwear industry for high quality footwear, leather gloves, and for the binding of books, encyclopedias and all kinds of publications of very high quality.

For those who are new to the world of leather, tanning is the process by which animal skins are transformed into a material called leather, which is preserved over time with characteristics such as flexibility, strength and beauty, and is known as Peletería the establishment in which clothing and other quality leather goods are made or sold.

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A little bit of history

The first leather goods began to be manufactured more than 8000 years ago in different parts of the world, especially in the Middle East and Africa. The rudimentary tanning techniques evolved and with time a more sophisticated activity, leather goods, began.

The word Marroquinerie: It comes from French, specifically from the word maroquin or maroc (Moroccan or Morocco). This name is due to a historical fact: the great masters who embossed leather came from Morocco. It is the art of making bags, belts, shoes or ornamental pieces with leather.

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