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Crocodile Skin: What makes it so special?
Crocodile skin is one of the most sought after exotic skins in the market, it provides sophistication and elegance, a type of skin that certainly stands out from the rest, giving that air of exclusivity that fascinates us so much.

In fact, since a few seasons ago, clothes, shoes, bags, wallets and clutches made with exotic skins such as crocodile skin reign in all the catwalks of the world.

In Spain and other parts of the world, the brands dedicated to the elaboration of expensive skins have had a great growth, so much that every day new ones emerge, in fact the crocodile and python skin articles, are placed in the first places of the most requested within the luxury sector, making this material something that does not go out of fashion.

But what makes crocodile skin so special - is it just something to do with luxury?

Certainly much of the preference for this material is due to the origin of the skin, i.e., it is not the same to buy an article made with leather from animals specially bred for it, as is the case of cowhide, than to obtain crocodile skin, an exotic animal whose habitat is wild.

Being an exotic leather, crocodile skin becomes elitist, giving the products made with it a much higher value than others that are made with other skins.

But beyond this, crocodile skin has multiple factors that make it stand out among others, among them are soft and very pleasant to the touch, however, they are very delicate and need special care to keep their shine and beauty over time.

Crocodile skin is the most expensive in the world.

Its high value is due not only to the limited number of licenses for its importation or the high value of customs duties on exotic materials, but also to the quality of the skin, the difficulty of finding it and the fact that it comes from the best and most exclusive tanners in the world, since not everyone takes the risk of working with this skin.

piel de cocodrilo

Resistance, durability and beauty are characteristics that undoubtedly define crocodile skin, it is one of the most sought-after skins in the manufacture of shoes and leather goods.

For generations, crocodile leather has been a favorite in the exotic leather products market, as it is versatile and lends itself to making briefcases, belts and boots with crocodile skin.

Crocodrilia is the common name for the family that includes crocodiles and alligators, as well as other species such as gavials and alligators; however, it is these first two species from which the crocodile skin that is normally commercialized is obtained.

The demand for exotic skins is great and crocodile skin, in particular, feeds a very lucrative business, in fact, the most expensive handbag in the world, (valued at almost 300,000 euros) was made with crocodile skin.

At Curtidos Menacho, we want to offer you a wide variety of skins and colors, with this unique texture and beauty that crocodile skin can offer.

A unique piece, made for unique people.

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