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Experts in leathers and skins for artisans for decades

Spain is characterized by having the best quality of leather artisans in Europe, therefore, the best leathers and skins for artisans. The work or craft of leather is a profession that involves an artistic and creative part. This practice is based on creating objects with tanned leather or using leather as a decorative or artistic element.


At Curtidos Menacho we have been guarantors of maintaining that tradition, offering a wide range of leathers for artisans, as well as leathers for all kinds of leather goods.


What is a leather craftsman?

An artisan is the person who makes handicrafts or handicrafts. The artisans carry out their work by hand or with different handicraft instruments, so it is necessary to have a certain skill and ability to carry out their work.


Leather artisans are characterized by the beautiful work of clothing, shoes, bags, wallets and endless genius in a seasoned but embellishing way for those who use it, perfection and beauty in each product made with leather for artisans.


In artistic creation, leather has played an important role first hand since the most ancient times, when people began to talk about leather and skins for craftsmen.


Tanned leathers, in their many qualities and varieties, lend themselves both to modeling and relief work and to serve as a support and base for all kinds of decoration with colours, dyes and patinas. In addition, their malleability allows them to be lined with any shape and volume with which all kinds of objects such as furniture, utensils, various decorative elements.


There are various techniques that leather craftsmen carry out to make their beautiful creations. Most of them are collected in the name of leather goods.


Leather goods are the same as leather crafts, the only difference is that leather goods work with more types of leather such as sheepskin, bovine leather, not just leather. Leather goods is the art of designing, elaborating and making articles prepared with skins for artisans.


The most popular articles that the leather goods manufacture are bags, wallets, belts from the resource such as the skin that is obtained from animals.


What is embossed leather?

Leather embossing is carried out a lot in the world of leather goods and consists of engraving images or patterns in relief on leather or skins for artisans.


Handmade leather goods is the art of designing, making and decorating articles made with leather, therefore, the artisan leather goods maker makes bags, belts, wallets, boots. from leather resources.


Leathers for craftsmen have always influenced history.

In the Iliad, Homer tells of Paris wearing a helmet fastened with a "beautifully worked" leather chinstrap; and Ajax's shield was made of seven assembled and carved bull skins.


Howard Carter, after the discovery of the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, wrote that he found personal clothing and leather furniture "of astonishing art."


Today, leather is worked by hand using traditional techniques and the results are equally astonishing.


In this article we provide you with a little more knowledge of who we are, the leather artisans, and the capabilities we have to provide you with excellent quality pieces and impeccable finishes.


Always keep something in mind, if you buy a piece of leather for artisans you will be buying a unique piece, since what is made by hand, no matter how similar one piece is, will not be the same as the other.

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