Snakes need a skin that resists constant friction because they crawl to move, some species climb trees with very rough trunks and others crawl over rough sand. 

The structure and thickness of the skin of snakes varies according to species, but they all have something in common: it is hard on the outside and becomes softer in its inner layers. 

Tissues with a rigid outer layer, but with more flexible inner layers distribute the force of impacts over a larger surface area. 

This unique structure gives the snake the traction it needs to move along the ground, while reducing damage to the skin by evenly distributing the pressure exerted on it by sharp rocks. 

Tanning, the process that helps preserve the skin, when properly preserved, snakeskin can be used for making clothing, boots, wallets, and other accessories, or for simple but eye-catching decoration. .  

Did you know that the small village of Kapetakan in the west of the Indonesian province of Java is one of the most important centers for the production of snakeskin shoes, belts, wallets and handbags? 

Well, although for some it is fascinating and for others very unpleasant, the economy and the way of life in this province revolve around these reptiles.  

How to care for snakeskin

Snakeskin, like any other animal skin used to manufacture any type of clothing, shoes or accessory, requires special care for its proper preservation. 

The first thing is not to expose it continuously to the sun, as it could dry out or "eat" the color. Nor should it be left near heat sources for the same reason.

If it gets wet, never try to dry it with a hair dryer or heat sources, dry it superficially with a cotton cloth so that it absorbs the maximum humidity, and let it dry naturally.

To clean it properly, use a soft, slightly damp cloth, let it dry and then moisturize the skin with a specific product, 

A curiosity of snake skin is its health benefits, do you know them?

Although snakes are generally hated, they are a valuable raw material: in addition to the skin, the meat and bones are also used to prepare traditional remedies to cure skin diseases, asthma or impotence.

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