At Curtidos Menacho we love leathers

We love leather

At Curtidos Menacho LOVE LEATHER, all about leather, care, selection and sale. For us, it’s a passion and a way of understanding life.  

We grew up surrounded by leathers, we feel them from a very young age, we touch and we feel until we become A PART OF US. We worry about knowing its history, its origin, type of tanned, finished ...  

We love leather and we like to IMAGINE what they can BECOME; fashion shoes from a big international brand or the CREATION of a small craftsman anywhere.  

We love leather to be NOBLE AND IMPERFECT MATERIAL. We know that no two leathers are the same. These differences make each product unique and special, although they come from the same animal.  

For this, we advise and help all our customers with the choice of leathers according to us always available according to their needs.  

If you are passionate about the world of leather, our blog is your site. We can help you resolve any doubts about this WONDERFUL PRODUCT, LEATHER.

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