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Choose pig skin

Why choose pigskin?

The pig is an animal that can be used 100%, one of those virtues is the pigskin, with which wallets, bags, jackets, shoes and many other leather items are made.

The most outstanding characteristic of pigskin is the strength of the leather, which guarantees that its products are durable, has excellent resistance to abrasion, excellent resistance to cold and resistance to aging.

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Pigskin can be easily differentiated from other skins, as it has very tight little holes, which makes it visually appear very porous.

Pigskin is generally used as a lining in leather goods to add strength without adding weight to the garment. They can be found in various colors, but the most common are black and brown.

Generally speaking, the pigskin leather characteristic is mainly displayed in the surface roughness, tight fibers, plump elasticity is poorer. But the strength sets it apart from other skin types.

In the footwear market, the linings are mostly made of pigskin, the lining of the shoes is one of the most important parts of the shoe. Choosing the material that is in contact with our foot, will mark the form of perspiration and prevent sweating and inclusion of allergies.

The pigskin in the linings of the shoes provide comfort because it is an adaptable leather, the skin is very durable to be constantly in contact with the foot and thus give a very good result.

types of pig leather

Among the pig leather we can find:

✅ Split pig skin (Ideal for interiors of footwear, bags, clothing and orthopedics)

✅ Full grain pigskin (Ideal for lining shoes and bags)

Other alternatives to pigskin is bovine leather, one of the most used leathers in the preparation and design of artisan pieces, it is similar to pigskin in terms of resistance, but it is visibly very different from pigskin. .

If you are looking for a thinner and lighter leather, there is ram or sheep leather. It is a much less resistant skin than pigskin, but the finishes and designs that can be made with this skin are from another world, it is a delicate skin, but it is worth having a garment made of this type of leather.

Leather products in general are highly coveted for their originality, craftsmanship, and unique designs. Each purse, bag, jacket, wallet, and shoe is different from one another, since each leather used in them has a difference, an essence. What makes that skin unique?

In our catalog you can find colors and leather textures that suit you and the product you want. Always guaranteeing the best quality leather, take a look and you will find what you are looking for.

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