The world of upholstery is very broad, so it is not possible to simply mention an ideal type of upholstery leather for all scenarios or particular situations.

Starting from this, we are going to help you correctly select a suitable upholstery leather for later use.

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Types of leather for upholstery:

As for the types of upholstery leather, although there are many types of leather in general, the most used upholstery leathers are the following:

Cow leather

Cowhide leather is one of the most versatile and easy to get on the market, therefore, its use in the world of upholstery has spread easily. Not satisfied with that, its wide variety of different finishes make it suitable for most applications such as upholstery leather.

goat leather

Similar to cowhide, goatskin has also been widely used as upholstery leather in various aspects of everyday life, it also has a variety of finishes that condition it for many different uses.

These are the 2 most used types of upholstery leather in the world of upholstery. You will surely think that many different upholstery leathers have been recommended to you, but on many occasions, they are different finishes of the same type of leather.

How to choose upholstery leather correctly?

To correctly select the leather for upholstery, you simply have to take into account the use that will be given to the final upholstered piece.

For example, choosing a piece of leather to upholster a car seat is not the same as choosing to upholster the seat of a boat or yacht, because in the latter case, the upholstery leather will be exposed to environmental conditions that are very different from those of the car.

The aspects or characteristics that must be taken into account to choose the ideal upholstery leather for your particular piece are the following:

Solar exposition:

Bearing in mind that sunlight can dry out leather, this is a factor to consider when choosing upholstery leather for your piece, because once the leather loses its natural moisture, it will begin to deteriorate.

Of course, some specific leather finishes allow a higher tolerance to sun exposure.


Being a natural substance, leather has a fairly good level of permeability, which allows some liquids and gases to pass through it, however, in some cases of upholstery leather, it is advisable that this property be limited or improved according to be necessary.


Like most materials, leather has a temperature tolerance, however, leather is one of the textiles with the best tolerance to high temperatures.

Similarly, it is good to take this factor into account before deciding to buy a specific upholstery leather.

Common uses of upholstery leather.

As we have mentioned before, the number of uses for upholstery leather is extremely wide, but we will mention the most common uses for upholstery leather, in order of popularity:

Leather to upholster furniture:

It is the leather used mainly in chairs, furniture and leather armchairs for domestic use, in this section is where the selection of leather for upholstery is more loose, since it is a material that will not be very exposed to extreme conditions.

It is enough to give it adequate maintenance from time to time to extend the life of the leather to upholster as long as possible.

Leather for car upholstery:

We refer, of course, to the leather to upholster car seats, previously, it was also used on other internal surfaces of the same, such as the dashboard or the surface under the rear windshield, however, it is becoming less common and limited to vehicle seats.

This type of leather for upholstery usually has characteristics of a fairly smooth and thin finish, in this way a much higher resistance to friction is achieved.

Nautical upholstery leather:

The furniture or surfaces inside luxury yachts and boats are usually upholstered with the best quality leather, the peculiarity of this leather is that it is usually conditioned to resist the saline environment of the sea.

It is also true that it requires more regular maintenance than most upholstery, precisely because of its exposure to the sun and the environmental salt of the sea.

Leather for aerial upholstery:

In the same way as automotive upholstery, it is a fairly common and quite smooth type of upholstery leather, however, the characteristic that is usually sought in leather for this area is a leather that is as thin as possible.

Oddly enough, the amount of leather that seats carry inside a commercial aircraft is a factor to consider in terms of weight and, for an aircraft, weight is a fundamental factor to control.

Now that you have in mind the basic aspects to choose an ideal upholstery leather for your piece or final product, you can now explore our online Ubrique leather store and purchase the one that best suits your needs.