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How to dye leather and skins?

If you intend to paint a new piece of leather or want to restore an old one, here we tell you how to dye leather and skins quickly and easily. Know the steps to follow when giving a new color to leather. Remember that not all leathers are the same, so the absorption of pigmentation may be different for each type of piece.

How to dye leather and skins: Steps to dye leather

Leather can be dyed using commercial dyes for this purpose. You should know that there are alcohol-based and water-based leather dyes, so you can choose the one that suits you best depending on the results you expect. It is important that you are very careful and take all the necessary precautions when working. Here are the steps to follow to dye leather and give a new style to your pieces:

Choosing the dye

The first thing to do is to get the dye. Leather paint can be purchased in stores and is usually accompanied by a solution that is used to prepare the leather. Alcohol-based dyes can harden the leather, while those prepared with water tend to soften it.

You can dye the leather using a brush, a sponge or a spray, it all depends on the type of product you want to color and the one that makes the job easier for you. The color of the leather paint is not usually the final one, so it is advisable to paint a small area and check first if you really like it.

Prepare the leather and the work place

Before applying any type of leather dye or paint you must prepare the piece so that there is a good absorption of the dye. You will need to apply the leather preparer solution and tape the areas of the leather that you do not want to paint. It is important that you carry out this process in a ventilated place and without direct exposure to the sun, since leather paints can emanate vapors that are harmful to your health.

Use latex gloves and cover the surfaces you do not want to stain. Leather dyes can stain leather for about a week and other materials permanently. Finally, apply water evenly over the entire surface of the piece, this will ensure complete absorption and a smooth finish.

Applying the dye

It is important that you apply the leather paint evenly and using the appropriate instrument (brush, paintbrush, sponge, spray, etc.). You should apply as many coats as you consider necessary to obtain the expected color. Let the piece rest until it is completely dry and apply, if desired, a polish to give a shiny finish to the foot.

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