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How to repair a leather bag?

Leather bags are one of the most important items for a woman, since they are the perfect complement to combine with your outfit and enhance your presence wherever you go. That is why this will be one of the most essential accessories in our closet and although most women have various bags, there will always be a favorite leather bag.

In this way, having a preference for that leather bag, we usually use it indiscriminately for all kinds of occasions, and the truth is that this is not usually a problem, since we all know the high quality of leather items, however, it should be clarified that the conflict will often lie in the fact that we do not usually take care of it as it should.

Hence, many times, we tend to throw it away and change it for another, and we all know how difficult it is to say goodbye to one of our favorite clothes, but don't worry, all is not lost, in this article we will give you some tips to save the life of That leather bag that you like so much, whether it is stained, cracked or aged, still has a solution.

Types of Treatments to renew your leather bag

In relation to the above, we will present a series of effective treatments for the renewal of your leather bag, using both common materials that you can find in your home and other more specific ones such as leather padding or liquid leather. At the same time, we will give you some recommendations to try to keep your bag in good condition.

1. Renew the shape.

This technique is usually quite easy, you just have to have a little patience, it is used in those leather bags that are squashed, and therefore have lost their original shape. For this you will use a clean and dry cloth with which you will fill the bag and leave it for three days.

In the same way, to help yourself with this technique, you can apply some touches of heat, with a hair dryer. However, the final solution would be to avoid placing the bag in places where it is exposed to the weight of other things, which is why it is important that you assign it a place in your personal room where you can place it safely.

2. Renew the color

In the case of the color of a leather bag, the main reasons why its coloring is affected is due to a lack of hydration, in addition to exposing it to sunlight indiscriminately. In the same way, many times it can simply be due to lack of cleanliness and be seen with dirt stains.

That is why in this case we will recommend the use of leather dyes to resolve this imperfection in a more feasible way. It is worth noting that you can get this product in shoe repair stores, department stores and even on Amazon, in this way You must pay attention to the color that you are going to select so that it is similar or equal to the color of the leather bag.

Therefore, always remember before applying to clean the affected surface with a damp cloth, and then dry with a cloth that is not chamois or does not shed fluff, also keep in mind that you should apply it gently with a sponge, applying two layers of the dye, but always waiting a reasonable time for each layer to be dry enough.

3. Heal cracks or scratches

In this case, we are talking about a major defect in our leather bag, since it would be necessary to evaluate how deep the scratch marks are on the surface, and that is why, although we do not assure you that they will disappear completely if we can guarantee that they will look better than before.

So, there are several techniques that you can put into practice. In this way we present one of the most famous and homemade ones since it involves products that you can easily find at home such as vinegar, baking soda and moisturizing cream.

To do this, you must first clean the leather bag in the affected area with a solution of vinegar and water that you previously prepared in a cup, remember that you will mix it in both equal parts, that is, half vinegar and half water. After rubbing this solution with a clean cloth, you must wait for it to dry and then apply the bicarbonate solution with water, which you will apply with another clean cloth.

Remember that this water solution will only take two tablespoons of baking soda and that you should apply it on the affected surface, as if you were exfoliating your skin. After that, when this last solution dries, you can apply a moisturizing cream, either for the body or face, using your fingertips so that it is evenly distributed.

Likewise, another type of treatment that you can apply in these cases is to first use a dishwasher which, mixed with water, will be applied to the affected surface using a toothbrush, so that you can clean and remove any dirt it may have. Then dry them with a clean cloth to remove soap residue and apply a few layers of rubber with a brush or brush.

Finally, to give it that touch of renewal, you can apply a bitumen for leather with a toothbrush to finish covering the bare parts of the leather bag. In the same way, it is important to always apply each substance when the affected surface is completely dry, so that the technique is perfect.

On the other hand, you can also use to renew the surfaces of your leather bag some products such as leather filler or liquid leather that allows you to generate a better finish on the piece, since they are usually quality materials and exclusively used for these cases. . In addition to this, it is important that whenever you apply them previously, you must clean the surface to be treated so that there is no dirty residue that can complicate the situation.

These products can be applied with a cloth, but it is better to do so with a sponge as this allows the solution to be distributed more evenly. In the same way it is important to apply small amounts and wait for it to dry to do it again. You can also apply leather dye to leave a better finish on your leather bag.

Finally, one of the products that people also tend to use to renew cracked leather is adhesive patches, since these are an easy way to solve the situation, they also come in presentations of different materials, colors, and shapes, allowing Thus adapting and improving the surface of your leather bag.

However, it should be clarified that they are not the definitive solution, since they can be easily detached and their duration is not very continuous. Despite this, it cannot be denied that they are a great solution to get us out of trouble if we need to solve the problem quickly. , as these are easily available at leather shops.

4. Renewal due to aging

It should be noted that when we refer to the aging of our leather bag, it is about the lack of hydration of it, since this is one of the most common causes for which this type of bag ends up discolored and peeling, so that , it should be noted that, just like our skin, leather skin must be cared for in order to slow down its aging.

That is why one of the best-known techniques is to apply a cleansing with wet baby towels, and after that apply a moisturizing cream. On the other hand, there are people who usually apply a cleansing lotion for the skin, then a tonic to open the skin pores and to finish a cleansing milk lotion to remove the remains of dirt.

It should be noted that this may seem like something very exaggerated, but the truth is that, in order to preserve the leather of our bag, the necessary care must be taken. Likewise, there are people who recommend waterproofing at least once a year with a colorless shoe cream or with a simple moisturizing cream.

That is why we must remember that, although it is true that leather products are of high quality and durability, it must also be borne in mind that nothing lasts if the abuse is persistent. So we hope that these techniques help you to renew that leather bag that you like so much, but in the same way we invite you to follow the advice on the care that you should have.

Likewise, we invite you not to stop reviewing our blog with topics that interest you about leather or skin care, since in Curtidos Menacho, in addition to being one of the great suppliers of high-quality leather, we also make sure to share information about great interest for you who are a person who loves leather goods.

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