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Leather is the raw material with which the leather industry develops various products ranging from shoes and bags to suitcases, wallets and even upholstery for furniture and other leather articles with very different uses. In this way, it is worth noting that leather is obtained from the skin of the animal, which is treated with various procedures that will improve its appearance as well as, being a biodegradable material, it will prevent its decomposition.

Thus, it can be said that there are a variety of types of animal skins that will serve as raw material for leather goods, however, it should be noted that each type of skin will have different characteristics that will determine its use in the leather industry.

Therefore, today we will present this post with the characteristics, uses and advantages of one of the best-known skins such as pigskin, which despite offering various advantages in its use is currently very little valued. That is why we will expose you everything related to this type of skin so that you decide to buy it and try all its benefits.

Pigskin Characteristics

Pig skin has two outstanding characteristics, the first is the appearance of its skin which differs from other animal skins, in that it has a very rustic appearance and even to the touch a rough texture can be perceived, since the animal's bristles or hairs protrude from its skin, leaving the pores of the leather wide open and resulting in this type of skin that for many can be a bit grotesque.

However, the second outstanding characteristic of pig skin is its resistance and flexibility, so this type of leather is capable of easily adapting to any design, in addition to this it also provides durability since being more rustic and less soft is able to last much longer than other types of leathers.

Uses of pigskin in leather goods

When talking about the uses of pork skin, we must mention that everything will depend on the part of the body from which said skin is extracted, since in the case of the loin, which is the thickest and therefore firmest part, it will be used for the manufacture of backpacks and suitcases that are pieces of greater structure that require adequate rigidity.

On the other hand, in the case of the skin that is extracted from the sides of the pig, this will be used to make articles such as bags and jackets, since this type of skin, being in a larger area, is much more uniform, therefore that will be used in pieces that require fewer seams. In the same way, in the case of the skin that is extracted from the belly of the pig, this being softer and finer compared to those mentioned above, it will be used in articles such as wallets or gloves.

Likewise, it should be noted that pig skin can be modified and treated in various ways, which is why in the case of tanning it can be done with both chemical products and vegetable products, which will improve its resistance and flexibility when working on it. .

In the same way, if you want to improve its finish, you can dye it with natural or synthetic dyes or you can even make engravings by means of pressure or heat on this type of leather to generate different types of relief and textures. In addition to this, finally, you can add some type of varnish or wax which will improve both its shine and provide protection to the leather against different environmental agents.

Advantages of pigskin

As mentioned above, despite the fact that pigskin is not usually highly valued, it has great benefits when used to manufacture various items. Among them it is worth mentioning the following:

Resistance: Thanks to its fibrous and compact structure, it provides great durability to articles made with this type of leather. So it can be said that this type of leather is resistant to tears, abrasion and wear in general.

Cleaning: This type of leather does not fade or stain easily, making it easy to maintain and clean.

Flexibility: As long as this type of leather is properly treated from chemical or vegetable tanning, this type of leather will be flexible to the point of being easily moldable to make various articles.

Breathability: It is one of the most important advantages since it allows the leather not to heat or dry out, but on the contrary, an adequate air filtration is developed, which is due to the same porosity of the pig skin,

Versatility: Despite being a type of leather that is not characterized by its softness, we can say that it is quite versatile, thanks to all the treatments and processes that end up improving its appearance and finish in general, so you can dye it. , engrave it and even stamp it and develop various designs for both bags, jackets and other pieces of leather.

Economic and ecological: This refers in the first place to the fact that, being a biodegradable material, it does not contaminate the environment, in addition to this it reduces the impact on the meat industry, since it ends up using animal remains that would only be thrown away. Hence, its price is much lower than that of other types of skins, so it ends up being quite accessible to everyone.

In short, pigskin despite being a type of leather that is not highly valued due to its unattractive appearance that can even be repudiated by some people, it should be clarified that it is a very flexible type of leather. which through various treatments can improve its final finish and serve for the manufacture of various articles.

On the other hand, being a high-quality raw material and having a much lower price compared to other types of leather, these characteristics make it an excellent option for those who wish to bet on high-quality products at low prices.

That is why at Curtidos Menacho we invite you not to miss out on our leather section so that you can enjoy the great advantages that 100% authentic leather offers you for the manufacture of the items you want, because if you are a leather lover you will We encourage you to try and create your own perception about the different skin types. Remember that Curtidos Menacho is a supplier of quality leather and your trust will always be our priority.

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