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 buying leather goods

Leather is one of the most used raw materials today for the manufacture of various articles in terms of clothing and footwear for both men and women, since it is a material that adapts to different styles and designs both timeless and those that are currently in trend.

On the other hand, leather items have not been limited to clothing and are part of the most important accessories in people's outfits, but also this raw material is also used to manufacture those more ostentatious elements related to furniture and wall upholstery. in relation to the decoration of interior environments as well as in the production of pieces of great value such as chairs, tables, covers among other objects.

That is why in this post we will show you the best advice before thinking about investing or buying leather goods, because although this will always be an excellent option when thinking about quality, resistance and beauty for your products, nevertheless you must consider a series of aspects before buying leather goods to ensure that they are truly authentic, and thus avoid a scam or acquire an imitation product that will never have the same value as an original piece.

How to know what are genuine leather items?

When preparing to buy leather goods, one of the questions that we are most interested in answering is how to determine if the leather is original or synthetic, so in this case it is important to take into account that genuine leather comes from the great effort that leather workers do during the process of tanning the animal's leather, hence this technique will be responsible for granting the softness to the touch, the color, the texture and the smell that are characteristic of the original leather.

On the other hand, it must also be stated that today there are certain standards that allow leather articles to be classified as authentic or imitation. In the case of countries like Germany, leather garments must not contain more than 2% of ashes. deducted from chromium oxide, as well as its pH from aqueous extract must not exceed 3.5%, thus both are norms that establish the minimum quality standards for leather articles. However, if in your case you are not an expert in leather tanning and the leather treatment process, we will give you the basic criteria that you must take into account to determine if your leather articles are authentic.

Resistance: Leather articles have great resistance and durability, so you will always be able to notice when you touch them how the texture of their leather is, since, if you see deformations, wrinkles when pressing it or any corrugated index, it is very possible that it is not a genuine leather, since it is characterized by a soft and firm appearance to the touch.

Cleaning: When cleaning them, you can do it dry or with a damp cloth and it must continue to retain its original color, so you should never observe color variations or even sun spots.

Heat resistance: This test can be done using a small hair dryer and trying to spray hot air on your leather article, so if you happen to see any deformation of its figure occur, it is very possible that this is not a problem. genuine leather article, since leather is capable of withstanding both low and high temperatures without changing its appearance.

In the same way, it should be noted that it is important to preserve our leather articles by applying the necessary care, such as cleaning and hydration processes several times a year so that our pieces continue to look like the first day. Therefore, it is also important to place our leather goods in dry and clean places with good ventilation, in addition to avoiding placing too much weight on the place where you are going to store them so that they do not deform over time.

Tips before buying leather goods

• The first thing you should do is know exactly what leather goods you want to buy, in turn you must take into account your needs and your tastes so that it is consistent with your style and rhythm of life.

• On the other hand, it is also important to make sure that this product is 100% original and authentic leather, therefore, in most leather articles you will be able to get this certificate, so if you cannot find it, try to look for another brand or store that give you that guarantee.

• In the same way, you can also buy products that are similar using the criteria mentioned above, in order to determine the quality and make a correct choice of the best item.

• The price and quality ratio is one of the most important points when investing in leather goods, so keep in mind that you should choose to make a good investment in quality items that guarantee greater durability and long life. of use, so you will avoid spending more money in the short term to renew the article, since the idea is that our leather articles last us for many years.

• Another important point is to check the reviews and comments section on the websites of the best-known stores by other buyers of the leather goods that we are looking for, so you will be able to get an idea of which brands are better in relation to the price and quality of products.

• Finally, if you are already in a specific store and feel a little lost when choosing, you can ask a sales advisor or store manager to explain the most important features of the leather item you want to buy. However, in this case you must be alert and keep checking if the information they give you about the product is really real, since many times these agents are capable of selling above the ethical limits that must exist between the consumer and the company. .

In short, the important thing is that, if you decide to make any purchase of leather goods, be they footwear, clothing, furniture or even leather for decoration and prints, the essential thing is to first of all make sure of the authenticity of the product, as well as that it is meet all the criteria and requirements mentioned throughout this article. In addition, it is important to note that our purchases must be made in highly trusted stores that are already known and have good reviews to avoid possible scams.

That is why, if you are a fan of leather goods, and you are looking for a supplier that guarantees quality, do not hesitate to visit our catalog of 100% authentic leather sales, we also have a wide range of textures and colors that you cannot miss, because at Curtidos Menacho we value your time and trust when choosing us as your favorite leather supplier.

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