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Learn about artisanal leather goods

Learn a little about artisanal leather goods

Certainly, handmade leather goods is an art that has been passed down from generation to generation, which refers to the manufacture of leather goods and the people who specialize in this great work.

The leather workers, as they are called, are people who know the type of skin used for each garment, the difference between skins, how to treat them (tan them) for their manufacture, and the most important, how to make and create works of art.

At Curtidos Menacho we offer you a wide range of hides and skins for artisans, all of them of excellent quality as they are made in the cradle of Spanish leather, Ubrique.

What materials and tools are necessary?

For handmade leather goods with only 9 basic materials and tools you can make your own leather products. And more, if you are a beginner, it will help you much more to understand this art with the use of basic, cheap and easily available materials.

Although there are hundreds of tools, we mainly focus on these elements:

✅ Cutter or microtoothed scissors

✅ Pen without ink

✅ Metal spatula

✅ Cement or contact adhesive

✅ 1 punch at once

✅ Waxed or leather thread

✅ Thick needle or for sewing leather

✅ Leather or any fabric that is left over

✅ Paper to pass the molds (patterns)

Normally these materials are obtained in neighborhood haberdashery stores, shoe repair shops or leather goods and online sites such as Amazon, Mercado Libre, among others.

How to work leather with my own hands?

There are many methods and tips for working with leather by hand (handmade leather goods). I bring the most basic for you.

Cut the leather: With the help of the micro-serrated scissors and the paper with the previously prepared patterns, the pieces of the desired garment are removed.

Mark the leather: It is one of the techniques used to make the guide line where it is going to be sewn. The easiest way to do it is with a pen without ink and with the help of the molds, draw the guides where the leather is going to be sewn.

Pierce the leather: After having the guide line for the leather sewing, the perforation of the leather facilitates its sewing and gives a very nice appearance to the garments that are going to be made. The easiest way to make holes is by following the marks made on the leather and making the holes with a punch, giving them a spacing of about 5 millimeters between them (the spacing will depend on the type of sewing and the type of leather used. .

Sew the leather: When you have the leather ready with the marks and holes, proceed to sew. There are many ways to sew, we will name 2:

 Double needle sewing

 Cook with back stitch

What kind of products can be made with handmade leather goods?

There are many products made of leather ranging from wallets, wallets, bags, folders, purses to hunted and some clothing. The difference of handmade leather products is the exclusivity and the designs that the masters in artisanal leather goods can create.

The most relevant characteristic of these garments and accessories are the contrasts they manage to create with the stitching, the overlap, the tone and the cut of the leather. By playing with colors and textures, they create a work of art that is not only beautiful to the naked eye but also functional and durable.

Handmade leather goods is a good hobby and learning it is not too much. However, if you want a garment that has exclusivity, durability and a beautiful design, leave it in the hands of leather experts.

Specialists in artisan leather goods have created a thousand and one ways to make unique and durable products. Most of those products are in limited supply and highly sought after by people who like designer pieces.

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