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How to store leather handbags and keep them new?

At CurtidosMenacho, leather can be difficult to care for and maintain in some cases. However, if you have a wallet, purse or any other leather accessory and you don't know how to treat it, here are some simple tips you can follow if you want your items to stay looking like new. In the following article, we will explain how to store leather wallets and what to do to keep them looking their best.

How to Store Leather Wallets: Simple Tips for Caring for Your Leather Products

There are various leather care products on the market that are ideal for caring for, cleaning and moisturizing dry leather. If you don't know where to store your wallets or how to clean leather bags, here are some ways to care for all your leather items:

Beware of moisture

Avoid storing your wallets or leather bags in damp areas. If for some reason they come into contact with water, do not expose them to direct sunlight or other heat sources, but ideally dry them at room temperature. The best place to store leather handbags and accessories is always a ventilated area, away from heat and humidity.

Clean and moisturize regularly

Leather care products include a range of conditioners for all types of leather. Prevent water from coming into contact with your leather garments. Simply dampen a tissue and wipe the surface of the leather to remove dust particles. Then apply a moisturizer or cream to the garment to keep the leather looking new and undamaged.

Treat stains gently

While the task of removing a stain from leather can be difficult in some cases, don't despair. If you're wondering how to clean leather bags without damaging them, you can first try using a damp cloth. If that doesn't work, you can look for one of the leather care products specifically designed for stains. Care for the leather by avoiding oils or products containing alcohol, as they can stain the leather.

Do not overload the leather with excessive weight.

Overloading your purse or wallet can damage the look and shape of the leather. It is important to give your leather garments a rest and not wear them every day, so that they don't wear out quickly. Remember that the best place to store handbags should always be moisture free and light.

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