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Diferencia entre piel u cuero

Although we usually refer to leather and fur as one and the same element, the truth is that there is a marked difference between these two materials. Although both leather and fur can come from the same animal, they differ according to the age of the creature. The difference between fur and leather lies in their thickness, stiffness or softness.

So where does leather come from? Leather comes from older animals. The dermis of adult animals tends to be stiffer and thicker. On the other hand, leather comes from young animals and is characterized by being soft and much more flexible. We must keep in mind that the characteristics of each type of skin or hide may depend on other variables such as sex, age and type of animal breeding.

Difference between fur and leather: Some uses of fur and leather

Leather and fur have been used since ancient times by humans to satisfy different needs. Leather is used in the manufacture of different garments as well as utensils and accessories. The difference between leather and fur makes these elements have diverse utilities. Their main uses are in the manufacturing and fashion industries.

Leather and fur usually go through different treatment processes in order to create sophisticated and beautiful pieces. This process is known as tanning, from which the leather is tanned to be used as a high quality raw material. It is then transformed into finished products. Among the main products derived from leather and fur we have:

- Footwear

- Jackets

- Handbags and purses

- Key rings

- Baskets

- Wallets

- Covers and blankets

- Leather accessories

Where does leather come from?

Leather is a product of animal origin that has different attributes such as flexibility and resistance, which makes it ideal for the manufacture of an immense number of articles and pieces. The main animals from which leather comes from are: Cattle, pigs, goats, rabbits, among others.

According to characteristics such as the species, age or breeding of the animal, we can obtain leather of different quality and for the most varied purposes. Nowadays there is an immense range of pieces and accessories that are manufactured with skins and hides of great finish and beauty.

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