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Nubuck leather: How to clean nubuck?

Leather is a very versatile material, however not all must have the same care and because nubuck leather is one of the most common, we are here to explain how to clean nubuck.

Nubuck has a velvety texture that is achieved by sanding the leather, this process gives it that characteristic texture that fascinates us.

However, it requires a certain amount of care in order to be properly preserved and to last over time.

Among this care, cleaning is a key factor, which is why in this article we want to show you how to clean nubuck.

It is essential to know how to clean nubuck so that you can preserve your garments in the best possible way.

Although it is not a complicated process, you must be careful at all times because it depends on it to keep them as the day you bought them.

Say goodbye to the washing machine, as easy as it is to use them, a key factor on how to clean nubuck is to do it by hand.

As you will see, this material is so sensitive that cleaning it in this way can end up completely ruining the piece.

So, when you need to clean your nubuck garments, you should always do it by hand and with special care, just as if it were another much more delicate leather.

Forget chemicals as a helper when cleaning nubuck.

Classic stain removers tend to have a high chemical content and the use of these products can deteriorate the texture and appearance of any piece made of nubuck.

In order to clean nubuck, it is necessary to pay attention to the smallest detail, always bearing in mind that this leather can be easily damaged.

In addition, it is much more advisable that the person performs a daily cleaning to the piece in case of daily use (such as shoes and bags).

When you do a much more thorough cleaning you must take into account the types of stains to be removed, which can be a complicated task and there are even stains that over time are almost impossible to remove.

A great tip when cleaning nubuck, which is easy and effective for removing grease stains or food stains, is to use the classic dishwasher.

como limpiar el nobuk

These allow us to keep the material in good condition but at the same time remove the stain we want to remove.

If there are other types of stains, such as mud on shoes, for example, it is advisable to let the stain dry without sunlight.

This way you will avoid difficult to remove stains on your footwear, then, to clean the nubuck simply take a soft bristle brush, and maybe quickly remove the dried mud.

Then to finish cleaning the nubuck, take neutral soap or dishwashing soap and remove the rest of the stain caused by the mud.

Generally speaking, this technique is quite useful, as long as you don't take too much time to clean the footwear.

In Curtidos Menacho we want to offer you all the possible knowledge about how to take care of your nubuck items. We have a wide selection of the best leathers, ideal for every taste.

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