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How to wash leather

If you have a leather item, no matter what it is, you should take care of it so that it lasts as long as possible and wash the leather so that of course it looks as good as new.

To achieve this you need to follow a few simple tips and know a trick or two.

Read on and you will discover them. Let's start at the beginning:

1.How to wash leather If your item is genuine leather, just wipe it with a dry cloth and clean it, but if it's a wallet or other smooth leather product that doesn't look as good as you'd like it to, you should clean it by hand.

Just make sure you use the right soap and follow the directions.

How to hand wash leather Whether it's basic maintenance or a deep clean, you'll want to wash your leather item by hand because it's just as effective for dealing with scuffs and dirt as it is for deep cleaning leather.

Let's get to work Prepare a soapy solution with castile soap:

pour a little castile soap into a bowl of distilled water, then shake the mixture by hand.

You can also use a wire whisk to distribute the soap evenly so that bubbles form. Of course, if you want to be on the safe side, use a special soap for washing leather, which can be found in hardware and craft shops, among others.

But if you want another option, instead of castile soap or a special leather cleaner, you can use a mild soap, it can be dishwashing soap with warm water, do not use vinegar because it can accentuate the stains on the leather.

2.Dip a soft, lint-free cloth into the cleaning solution you have prepared or chosen, an ordinary piece of kitchen towel will do, but the cleaning will be more effective if you use a microfibre cloth.

3. Use the cloth all over the leather, but in areas where there is stuck-on dirt or a stain that is difficult to remove, use light circular motions to remove the residue.

4. Then use a lint-free cloth in clean water and remove all soap and residue from the leather, making sure to remove it all as the item may crack.

5. Finally, place the item on a hanger or suitable surface until completely dry.

When cleaning is complete, apply a leather conditioner to the item to restore texture and keep it protected, using a clean, dry, lint-free cloth.

How to wash a leather jacket A leather jacket is a must-have in our wardrobe because it never goes out of style, but we need to keep it in good condition to keep it looking like new.

But how to wash leather by hand can be an arduous task, we must know some tips and tricks to make the task of washing our favourite jacket easier.

lavar el cuero

Before you start, check the label on the jacket.

1.Lather: mix warm water and mild soap in a bowl, use a clean sponge or cloth, make sure to remove excess liquid and gently rub the garment to avoid damaging it.

2.Rinse: use another sponge or cloth dampened in clean water and remove all traces of the item, remember to avoid excess water.

3.Drying: remember to let it dry completely and do not expose it to the sun, as mentioned above.

Finally, use a leather conditioner to moisturise the jacket.

Warning: if you don't want your jacket to shrink, crack or lose its shape don't treat it like any other garment, i.e. don't wash it in the washing machine.

Important: Avoid any abrasive cleaners when washing leather because these products can generate a negative reaction that deforms the surface of the leather.

The trick is to test any cleaning solution on a part of the item that is not so visible.

If it's an expensive or hard leather item, the best thing to do is to leave it in the hands of a professional leather cleaner - you don't want to damage your precious wallet or your favourite jacket or handbag.

Leather items should not be exposed to direct sunlight as this can dry out the material and cause it to crack.

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