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Leather is undoubtedly a versatile material and has even been a part of our wardrobe since time immemorial, a basic garment that can complement any outfit is the leather jacket.

Leather jackets are a truly iconic garment that despite the passage of time, continues to be a staple in both men's and women's wardrobes.

Even though leather is a highly resistant material whose properties give it durability, it requires good care to keep it in good condition.

Time and use do not pass in vain and even when the material has characteristics that will help you to keep it for years.

There are external agents that can deteriorate that precious leather jacket that you like so much.

That is why in Curtidos Menacho we want to give you a series of tips to take care of your leather jacket and make it last for a long time:

  • Make sure you know what leather your leather jacket is made of and if it has a label, read it carefully, as these usually have specific instructions for its care.

Chaqueta de cuero

Almost all leather jackets sold in shops have a label describing how to clean them.

Because there are many varieties of leather and not all are easily distinguishable, follow the instructions on the label whenever possible.

  • If the leather jacket has been in the wardrobe for a while, it may need dusting, so try to dust it with a soft brush or cloth to avoid damaging the leather.

Dry cotton or nubuck rags are ideal, but there are also brushes made from natural hair that will prevent tearing or damage to the material.

  • If you see that your leather jacket has a surface finish that prevents it from retaining liquids, you can opt for a damp cloth with a product, or simply water.

However, you must be sure that it does not retain moisture, as you may stain it.

You may be wondering:

how will I know if my leather jacket retains liquid?

It's quite simple, just drop a drop of water on it (in an inconspicuous area).

If you notice that the water remains on the surface of the jacket then it is safe to wipe the dust off the leather using a damp cloth.

If, however, the water is absorbed and the leather darkens, do not dampen it.

There are many types of leather, which is why our initial instruction is clear, read the label to find out what material it is made of.

In the particular case of leather jackets made of suede, there are special brushes, which help with this type of leather, but may damage other types of leather.

There are also cases in which leather jackets can be affected by fungus, mostly when they are stored for too long.

If this is your case, use a special product to remove the fungus, this way you will not damage the garment, although in general isopropyl alcohol or a mild soap can be useful.

With the right care a leather jacket can last for decades, so follow these simple tips and take proper care of this basic garment. Remember that in Curtidos Menacho we offer you a wide variety of the best leathers.

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