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Darken leather: between oils and enamels

Leather generally has a light tone, that opaque brown that characterises it from other materials. To darken it, it is necessary to darken the leather.

Darkening leather is not as easy as it seems, because although it is a very resistant material, it is not easy to change its colour.

The process of darkening leather begins with the application of creams or oils on the leather.

These products are then absorbed into each layer you apply to the leather, completely modifying its initial tone.

Generally, oil is used to darken leather, as its use is simpler than that of other materials, although the oil of oxen's foot is the most suitable for this and is manufactured especially for darkening leather.

You could also use a good quality vegetable oil, that's right, one of those that you can buy in the supermarket and although its use is not the most recommended, it can be quite effective.

In short, you can darken any object made with light coloured leather, from sofas to bags and jackets, with simple, easy to obtain elements and certainly a few hours of your time.

But darkening leather is not only an aesthetic treatment, in addition to this, the oil provides certain properties to this material, conditioning it and making the treated objects more flexible than at the beginning.

One of the objects that can be affected due to constant use are our sofas, furniture or seats upholstered in leather.

So darkening the leather will not only make them look much nicer, but it will also help you to keep them in good condition despite constant use.

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It is a practical and quite economical way to keep these products in excellent condition.

Certainly the objects made with this material are highly durable, however, the colour tends to fade over time.

Which can make that leather item look completely different from when you initially decided to buy it, but don't worry, it's something that can be solved.

Darkening leather serves to accentuate that colour that has faded with use and the passage of time, making those boots you love so much or that chair you bought a couple of years ago look as good as new.

But darkening leather involves a meticulous process that must be carried out in the right way.

It is for this reason that in Curtidos Menacho we have decided to show you how to correctly preserve and enhance the colour of that product that you like so much.

Every process involves a preparation, that is why before darkening leather you must prepare and clean the leather of the article correctly.

In this way, all the colour will remain uniform, avoiding stains that may look unsightly. Then you must select the material you will use to darken leather, it can be a glaze, oils or even artificial dyes that will help you to give it a darker tone, enhancing its colour.

Rub the product well over the item you want to darken, let it dry and that's it, simple isn't it?

Apply as many coats of oil or enamel as you wish, until you obtain the desired colour and, remember, at Curtidos Menacho we offer you the best selection of leathers, made and treated with products of excellent quality.

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