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You may have a piece of leather that you have decided to print, however, you must be fully aware that printing on leather is not similar to printing on textiles.

Not only because they are different materials, but also because they have different qualities and properties that require a much more rigorous process.

Over the last few years, customising pieces of our wardrobe has become a trend.

From shoes, bags and jackets to smaller items such as purses. It can be a lot of fun to start customising your items, and printing on leather usually is.

But that's when a lot of questions come to your mind, how do I print on leather?, can I damage the garment?, do I need to be an expert?

The truth is that you don't need to be an expert in leather goods to know how to print on leather, however, you must be careful when doing it because you can actually damage the garment.

As we all know, leather is a product that comes from animal skin and is therefore much more expensive than many other materials, such as textiles.

It is for this reason that when you decide to print on leather, the last thing you want to do is to damage the garment.

estampado en cuero

For this reason in Curtidos Menacho we want to help you to know how you can print on leather easily.

The materials to make a print on leather, are simple, we must have:

  • Article or piece of leather on which we will make our print.
  • Transfer paper with the design you want to make the print on leather.
  • Professional heat press Piece of paper to protect the leather from the heat of the iron.
  • scissors

After getting all the materials, we can proceed to print on leather.

First we choose the design we want, we adapt its shape and size to the place where we will print it, so that we can print it correctly on the transfer paper.

To start printing on leather, we take the transfer paper with the image already printed and we place it on the garment, positioning it where we want the print to be.

After that we fix the transfer paper so that it does not move to another part when we pass over it, the professional heat press, in this way we will avoid ruining the design and the piece that we have decided to print.

After fixing the transfer paper, in order to start printing on leather we need to protect the rest of the leather from the heat of the heat press.

This is why we will use a sheet of paper and put it over the transfer paper, covering it and of course covering the rest of the jacket.

After this you will put the heat iron on the paper for approximately 60 seconds, after that you can test if your print is ready, put it as long as you consider necessary for it to be completely fixed.

Finally, remove all the paper and carefully peel off the transfer paper, check your design and that's it! Simple, isn't it?

In curtidos Menacho we offer you a wide variety of models and leather that will make each of the pieces you make, a real work of art.

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