Many trends die over the years, simply pass into oblivion, but leather clothing is something that goes beyond trends and fashion, something that never seems to go away from the big brands.

To begin with, the high quality of leather clothing is indisputable.

Starting from this fact, we can note that an article made with this material is much more durable than any other as it has very good resistance to bending, preventing it from tearing or breaking so easily.

Leather clothing has excellent qualities that make it ideal for winter, as it is an excellent thermal insulator.

This helps us to maintain body heat by insulating the cold from the outside and maintaining the heat generated by our own body.

Leather clothing is traditionally related to everything related to the "rock" aesthetic, that is, not only to the style of music, but to everything that this can entail. From bikers to singers, many people adopt leather clothing as part of their style.

However, over the last few years that has been changing, making leather clothing more versatile.

Garments with the same material but different shapes, making it a key piece that can be combined perfectly with any style.

It doesn't matter if you combine these pieces with blazers, ankle boots, military boots, cashmere trousers or any other style.

Leather clothing has acquired a new dimension, much more versatile and innovative, giving that special touch to your look, modern and different without renouncing to elegance.

And the fact is that leather has become a very versatile material, making from leather clothing, such as trousers, tops and jackets to footwear and accessories such as bags, necklaces and wallets.

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The quality of the leather is something that undoubtedly moves many people to buy leather clothing.

Where a piece made from textile materials may last you a few years, leather, cared for in the right way, can last for decades.

Timeless pieces with unmatched characteristics, permeable, insulating and cool, although it may not seem like it, leather is an excellent material for thermal insulation.

So wherever you are, whether it's hot or cold, the weather outside is completely insulated.

Cowhide is one of the most used for the manufacture of leather clothing because it has several properties that make it suitable for the manufacture of almost anything, bags, clothing, hats, belts, wallets, footwear, among others.

This leather tends to be much thicker and more resistant, so it will be less prone to breakage than that of other animals.

A great benefit of using leather clothing is that leather is an organic material of natural origin, so it is biodegradable, even when it has been subjected to chemical treatments to improve the results of the pieces.

However, this treatment is not comparable to the amount of chemicals used in the manufacture of similar synthetic fabrics.

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