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Leather patterns: Importance in design.

Every product requires a mould, in the case of leather products, they need leather patterns.

Leather is a highly efficient material, its properties give it the necessary qualities to be a unique product.

Ideal for the elaboration of different objects, from shoes, bags and wallets to lamps.

Certainly sewing leather, although it is very similar to textile materials, it is not the same, therefore leather patterns must be handled differently depending on what you want to make.

Maybe you are just now getting into the world of sewing or making leather goods.

In that case, you may have heard a lot of advice about how to make leather patterns.

Actually, in order to make good leather goods, you need to know and know perfectly how to use certain tools, including leather patterns.

Generally speaking, a sewing pattern is an indispensable element for the creation of any leather article.

You may not understand exactly what a leather pattern is, that is why in this article we will explain what they are, their importance and, of course, how you can make one.

Basically, a leather pattern is a kind of template that is made on paper or any other similar material. With the purpose of using it on the leather and tracing the lines by copying them onto the leather.

In this way we can make different garments or articles. There are different leather patterns that you can use, from domestic ones to those made by experts.

Each pattern requires specific measurements, cutting and sewing lines that will determine the final finish of the product.

Of course, each type of leather pattern has certain differences:

Depending on the use they are going to be given, where they are obtained, who is going to use them and the quantity of articles that will be made with this pattern, That is why they are differentiated according to who creates them and how they are made.

They range from industrial patterns to the simplest ones.

In the case of more artisanal productions, everything depends of course on the production level of the article.

When the production is mass production, these patterns are generally digitised in a way that works for the industry.

On the other hand, when the products are more artisanal and exclusive, they are generally made by hand, which means that these items do not have so many replicas and are more exclusive.

Whatever the article that is made, it will always require the elaboration of a pattern.

When we talk about articles made with animal skin, it is necessary to have the correct pattern making, because although it is a resistant material, it requires precision in order not to damage the material.

It is very important for the production of any leather article to take into account the material to be used.

This way we can execute the patterns in a better way, that is why in Curtidos Menacho we offer you a wide variety of leathers that will help you to make the best leather products. 

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