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The art of embroidery: Leather embroidery

Leatherwork is an art that has been perfected over the years, between the ancient era and the present day, techniques have been changing and evolving, resulting in leather embroidery.

Over the centuries this art has become something worthy of haute couture, leather embroidery is something that serves as a way to ornament and decorate the elaborate pieces.

Over time this has undoubtedly evolved too, creating even industrial machines that are responsible for recreating almost any idea that may cross our minds.

Amazing, isn't it? Something that undoubtedly offers us many opportunities when it comes to leather embroidery.

Leather is an extremely versatile material when it comes to making items with it, from shoes to bags, lamps, trousers or wallets, which fill our wardrobe with elegance.

Of course there are aspects that we must consider before making embroidery on leather, as you will see, making an embroidery on leather may seem similar to making one on any textile that we find.

However, we must consider that leather is a thicker and certainly more durable material. Therefore, it requires drilling holes before starting the work, as this allows the embroidery to be more spaced out than sewing on other fabrics.

As we mentioned before, embroidering on leather is not the same as embroidering on fabric, which is why we must take some precautions.

We must first consider the thickness and softness of the leather we are going to work with and then, based on this, look at the design and be completely sure that this is what you want to embroider.

Bordado en cuero

Then once you start you will only have two options: finish it and love it or stick a patch over it and forget about leather embroidery altogether.

Leather embroidery looks really fabulous and is something that is currently on trend.

From hats, jackets, boots and bags, we all want to stand out from the crowd and what better way to do it than with a stunning embroidery to complement our garments.

However, there are aspects that we should always take into account before we start embroidering, among them:

1) The origin of the leather: we must know well from which animal it comes from and the part of the body from which it was taken, as you will see there are leathers much easier to embroider than others so this information will certainly be useful.

2) Please do not embroider exotic skins, I could say that this would be almost a cardinal sin in fashion, the beauty of exotic skins is to show the naturalness of them, the texture and even the natural colour of them.

3) Remember to distribute the embroidery stitches correctly, as you will see the skins tend to break if the holes of the embroidery are too close so you must be especially careful if the embroidery is too elaborate, this way you will avoid damaging the skin.

If you consider each of these aspects you will achieve an excellent embroidery.

Remember that in Curtidos Menacho we offer you a wide variety of leathers so that you can make the best accessories and complements.

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