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Leather handles: The trick for the perfect edge of your knives and penknives

Leather undoubtedly has many qualities that make it a great material for the manufacture of various objects, including leather handles.

Leather has great characteristics, including durability and quality that give the product a fairly long life, as well as being vital when it comes to properly sharpening knives and razors.

A leather sharpener is basically a softener, as you will see these are used to soften the cut of razors, knives and even some carpentry tools, aligning its edge.

As you will see, sharpening consists in the use of a whetstone, which removes the bent metal, thus recovering the cutting edge, while on the other hand, the seating only seeks to realign the nicks of the edge without removing any metal.

Leather sharpeners are basically one of the last tools used when sharpening knives, razors or tools. Generally speaking, the leather sharpener is simple to use, so you don't need to be an expert in the field.

Leather sharpeners generally come in two forms, both of which have the same function, which is to soften the edge of knives, razors and even some tools.

The first of the presentations of the leather seaters and the most used is in the form of a paddle, in general this type of leather seater is much easier and more comfortable when it comes to use it.

These leather handles are made up of different parts, starting with the base which is made of wood, leaving a handle to be able to use the tool more comfortably.

then there are the sides where the leather will go.

asentadores de cuero

You may ask yourself:

How many sides can a leather spit have?

Generally they can have from 1 to 4 sides, which are covered in leather, thus forming together with the handle, a palette.

The wood used for the base of the leather handle can be any wood as long as it provides the stability for the manufacture of the complete piece, that is to say, the part of the handle and the part that will be covered with leather.

However, we must consider that the handle should not be excessively heavy, as the main benefit of leather handles in the form of a paddle is the comfort and convenience of the handle.

The greatest benefit of the palette-shaped leather handles is the comfort of use. Therefore, it is ideal to use light and resistant woods such as samba, which provide solidity without making the tool uncomfortable to use.

Another essential part of this type of leather is the leather. Certainly there are many animals from which leather can be obtained, but not all skins are useful for the production of leather noisemakers.

There are many leathers for sharpeners, but to choose one you must know which one is ideal for the type of tool you will sharpen, if you want to sharpen kitchen knives or country knives the best type of leather is cowhide or nubuck.

On the other hand, if what you need is a leather sharpener for razors, the best option will always be colt. This type of leather may not tolerate the application of sharpening creams, however, it is excellent for sharpening virgin leather.

The other model of leather sharpener are the hanging sharpeners, this option is less common, because mainly to use it requires the use of two firm anchors to place the leather horizontally and thus work comfortably.

You must take into account whichever the leather setter you want to acquire the materials mentioned above, in Curtidos Menacho we offer you the best leathers for your leather setters, quality 100% guaranteed.

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