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Leather, the star product of falconry equipment.

Leather, the star product of falconry equipment. The practice of falconry in Spain brings with it the demand for the highest quality leather products. Hides with which the so fundamental falconry equipment is elaborated. Read on to learn more about this art.

In modern times little reference is made to such an uncommon art, but which in times past was an important part of our existence as human beings.

In Curtidos Menacho we feel attracted to the practice of this art, since in Spain falconry is practiced promoting the elaboration of handcrafted products and the conservation of species.

Besides, in the practice of this sport, the main material used in falconry equipment is leather. We know that sometimes when reference is made to the term "Falconry", many people do not know what they are talking about.

For this reason, the following question is very common:

What is Falconry?

Falconry is the activity that consists of hunting with birds of prey trained for this purpose.

The birds used are hawks, goshawks and other birds of prey. These birds are in charge of capturing poultry species, i.e. hunting birds with birds, or animals on the ground.

The art of hunting using birds of prey is an ancient practice that has been developed since time immemorial, mainly in Eurasia, from Central Europe, through the Arabian Peninsula, China and Korea.

It is a very interesting relationship that develops in this sport, it is a relationship of trust and rapport between the human being and the bird.

The falconer's objective is to train a bird of prey so that it will return to the falconer's fist when called. Hunting, for a trained bird, is an activity between the human and the bird.

It could be said that the origin of this activity, which at some point in history was fundamental for the development of certain populations, was born spontaneously because the wild falcon seeks man.

It searches for man because it knows that when it flies over its territory, possible prey is hidden by its stalking.

For this reason, the bird finds in humans an ally that unintentionally picks up prey.

Some of the types of falconry birds most frequently used in the practice of this art are:

  • Peregrine falcon, gyrfalcon, lanner falcon, saker falcon, prairie falcon. Common kestrel, American kestrel, Merlin, northern goshawk, red kite, Eurasian sparrowhawk, cooper sparrowhawk, American sparrowhawk, common buzzard, black-tailed buzzard, Harris's harrier, golden eagle, barn owl, eagle owl, snowy owl, snowy owl, among others.

equipo de cetreria

Félix Rodriguez de la Fuente was the driving force behind falconry in Spain.

As we have already pointed out, the interest of Curtidos Menacho in the practice of this sport lies in the falconry equipment.

For this reason I come to speak to you of what you need (the most important) for the practice of the same one:

  • Pihuelas: Consists of a strip of leather that is tied to the bird's shank. Formerly they were used to determine that the bird in question had an owner and therefore was not free. Sometimes falconers soak them in oil to prevent the bird's beak from slipping and thus prevent them from being pecked and broken.
  • Hood: used to cover the bird's head. They are made of leather.
  • Lúa: These are thick leather falconer's gloves, which prevent the falconer from hurting himself with the bird's claws.
  • Lonja: A leather strap used to secure the bird in its perch or in the falconer's hand.
  • Fixer: A long length of string used for training birds.
  • Perch: An element that will be used to house the bird. They are usually made of leather.

The leather which is used in the realization of falconry equipment are:

Kangaroo leather It is one of the most used leathers in falconry equipment and this is due to the fact that it is one of the strongest leathers. In addition, the skins are light in weight and can withstand scratches and scrapes without breaking. Gloves made from this type of kangaroo leather protect the falconer from the bird's dangerous claws as well as being water resistant and sweat absorbing.

American Buffalo This leather is characterized by elastic fibers that give the glove high strength, durability and flexibility. The leather is also flame resistant and easy to clean, making it a favorite among falconers.

English Kipskin It is soft and lightweight, so the bird is less likely to reject equipment made from this leather. It is flexible, so gloves made from it fit falconer's hands.

Lizard Lizard skin is thin and, therefore, not useful for gloves or jesses. In addition to hoods, it is normally used for decoration on the outer layer of ankle bracelets.

Falconry equipment requires the highest quality leather raw material to meet the high demands required in this sport.

For this reason, at Curtidos Menacho we are very interested in the preservation of this art in the Spanish culture. Therefore, we will continue to produce leather raw material of the highest quality for purposes such as falconry. Explore our wide range of products of the highest quality.

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