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Adhesive leather, characteristics and uses

Many are the customers who contact us to tell us about adhesive leather and its characteristics, from basic questions to specific aspects about this material.


In order to shed some light on the subject, we have prepared this short but concise article on sticky leather and its main features.


Not without mentioning that we are suppliers of skins for artisans and leather goods companies in general, be sure to explore our wide catalog of products, now yes, let's continue with the topic.


Is sticky leather genuine leather?

Although for some people the answer is obvious, many other people have asked us this question. The truth is that no, adhesive leather is not a piece of leather that has had glue added to it in some way.


It is a piece of leatherette, or synthetic leather, whose production process includes a face to which a glue specially designed to adhere to genuine leather is applied.


What is adhesive leather used for?

The most widespread use for adhesive leather is to hide damage to pieces of leather upholstery. Rather, it is the use for which it was designed, since prior to the appearance of this material, the only way to repair or hide the damage to leather pieces was to change the entire piece for a new one.


Although this method is effective, it is quite expensive, especially in upholstery, since it usually deals with large leather objects, such as sofas for example. It is in these cases that adhesive leather patches shine.


How do you buy adhesive leather?

Like most textile materials, adhesive leather is purchased by length, that is, for each meter of leather you order, a fixed price per meter is charged.


Although this is the most common sales method, some suppliers of this type of material sell smaller segments or, failing that, pieces of specific dimensions in their catalogs.


Recommendations for using adhesive leather patches:

Regarding the recommendations when using adhesive leather patches, there are not many to take into account, but there are a couple that we can mention:


Use full patches.

Many people place a small patch over the damaged piece, however, this not only makes the patch visible, but due to rubbing or use of the piece in question, the adhesive leather patch can begin to come off in the edges of it.


To avoid this, it is best to make adhesive leather patches large enough to cover the piece from one seam to the next, as it is in these seams where the material folds and the patch is less likely to be exposed to heat. so much contact and rubbing.


Minimize trapped air.

When applying an adhesive leather patch it is important to apply it in such a way that no air bubbles are trapped in the areas of contact of the patch with the leather, although this is unlikely to happen, when it does occur it may weaken the adhesive and the patch weakens.


Make sure that when placing the patch there are not too large air-trapped spaces.


This is all about adhesive leather and its characteristics, do not forget that at Curtidos Menacho we offer you the highest quality Ubrique leathers, simply explore our catalog and you will find the material you require.

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