Leather plates, make your unique creations.

These scraps called leather plates come from the so-called cutting waste, but it goes very well to create pieces with a unique style, which the market does not produce on a massive scale.


Handcrafted, the creation of leather pieces and accessories by means of patchwork, is still called leather goods, but at a much more creative and unusual level than what we are used to.


The easiest thing about it is that you only need a number of leather sheets that are enough for your piece, some thread, the tools to work the leather and tons of creativity in your head. The pieces that can be made with this type of technique range from shoes, handbags, purses, bags and even some clothing items such as crop tops and shorts.


Leather sheets for bags and wallets.

For the making and making of bags and wallets, we give you a creative idea for you to take into account.


Take sheets of leather of different color and texture, combine them in a striking pattern and make psychedelic bags out of them, which will be quite eye-catching and look great with whatever you wear.


Add details of different shapes and colors to your bags and wallets with different textured leather sheets and you will see how your creation gets a unique character.


Leather sheets for shoes and other clothing items.

For shoes, blouses, crop tops and other clothing accessories, it can be made using strips of a small thickness, taken from the leather plates. By having the strips you can experiment, intertwining them one with the other to create a kind of flat weave, which looks great on a garment.


As we mentioned before, all that is needed is the creativity of the person who is going to delve into the art of leather goods, and especially the people who will work their pieces with these techniques based on leather plates.


How are the sheets or pieces of leather used?

As we have previously mentioned, its use extends mainly as a decorative element for already finished leather pieces, within which we can mention some common uses:


Leather fringes:

This is perhaps the most common way to use leather sheets and scraps, and consists of making thin strips of leather from the material left over from the manufacture of the garment and adding them in a pattern on the final piece.


This type of decoration is quite frequent and usually has quite a considerable acceptance and demand by the general public.


Details in another color:

Another very common use of leather sheets or leather scraps is to use them to add small details of another color on the surface of the leather garment.


Using the leather sheets in this way it is possible to take advantage of the leftover material from the production of a piece of leather of one color on another piece of a different color, maximizing the use of raw material, while giving a personal and striking touch to the leather. each piece individually.


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