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Deer Skin and its main uses

In fact, the process of tanning deerskin is so simple that there are many tutorials on the internet explaining the steps one by one and with honestly quite acceptable results.

However, if you are not a person who knows about the tanning processes and their final finishes, we recommend that you do not do the tanning yourself, much less use the final product commercially, as the finish may not be uniform and it would end up harming your product.

At Curtidos Menacho we offer you a wide variety of tanned leathers to manufacture all kinds of products, from shoes to upholstery pieces. Do not stop exploring our extensive catalog of leathers and we assure you that you will find the ideal one for your products.


Deerskin uses:

Deerskin is one of the most versatile leathers on the market, obviously, if the tanning process has been carried out properly, it can be used for:


Clothing (mainly jackets and shoes).

Upholstery (rare today).


Leather bags.

Decorative leather pieces.

Deerskin has even been used as a cover for some luxury book editions on the market, giving it a very unique and particular look.


Different finishes of deerskin and deerskin:

As we have previously mentioned, each leather tanning technique is specific for each desired final finish, obviously, each type of leather can be treated with different techniques to obtain different finishes and textures, deer or deer skin does not escape this criterion.


The most common finishes for deerskin are two:


Deerskin with hair:

This type of deerskin is the one that is usually used in rugs and in some decorative pieces of leather, since keeping the hair on the skin gives it a soft texture that is ideal for this type of piece.


Deerskin with paste:

This deerskin finish is nothing more than polished deerskin, having lost its fur in the tanning process.


This type of deerskin is the one used in clothing and, of course, in upholstery, its smooth and shiny texture is perfect for these applications and uses.

Deerskin out of the world of textiles:

The last use of deerskin that we can mention has nothing to do with making garments or with any leather product as such.


It turns out that dehydrated deerskin is an excellent food supplement for dogs, yes, as you are reading, a food supplement, that is, it is not provided as the main diet for your pets.


Dehydrated deerskin has a texture and flavor that allows dogs to chew on it for extended periods of time, helping to keep teeth clean and healthy by fighting canine dental plaque.


On the other hand, chewing dehydrated deerskin helps control stress and anxiety processes, keeping dogs busy and entertained while they chew small pieces of this material.


Last but not least, it provides a small healthy snack or hors d'oeuvre for the dog, thanks to its moderate fat content and being a hypoallergenic agent for dogs.


Now you know all the uses of deerskin, tanned or not, we hope you found this information interesting and we look forward to seeing you in a future publication.

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