How to know if the leather is original?

The original leather is the skin that covers animals, which after being treated can have various uses. Basically, it is a layer of tissue that covers the animal.

It is characterized by being a flexible, resistant and versatile material, so it is possible to manipulate it and work it in different ways. For this reason, it is a material with various industrial uses.

The usual thing to become a material for industries is to separate the skin layer from the animal's body, then proceed to clean it by removing the hair or wool and finally it goes to the tanning process. This last step consists of transforming the skin susceptible to putrefaction into a leather that does not decompose, so it can be used to make bags, shoes, jackets, pants, furniture, among other products.

Being such a fickle material, it is worked on all kinds of garments such as coats, bags, belts, footwear, etc. Therefore, you have to be careful with imitations when purchasing any of the types of leather for bags on the market.


What are the differences between synthetic leather and fur leather?

Before going directly to the purchase of leather, either to make an article or to give it any other use, we must know what are the types of leather in general and the difference between them. Since, depending on its transformation process, we obtain the original leather or synthetic leather. This way you won't be fooled by any imitations.

The best leather will always be the original, since this guarantees the quality, duration and resistance of the material.


1. The view.

Currently, synthetic materials have characteristics very similar to genuine leather, among the most commonly used synthetic leathers we currently find:


horny It is easily recognizable when we already know what material it is, since its texture and shine give it away.

Bioleather. With an expert eye it will be easy to recognize, it is easier when touching it since it does not have the same consistency as original leather.

PU leather. It is the most similar to genuine leather, so other senses must be used to detect its manufacture.


2. The smell.

The most noticeable difference between the two leathers is that PU synthetic leather has a plastic smell. If you want to tell the difference between the PU synthetic leather and the original leather, you can go directly to a dealer who sells the original leather and you will notice the difference immediately.


3. Touch

Genuine leather can become warm to the touch and provides warmth, while synthetic leather tends to be cooler. Another difference is that genuine leather tends to be more delicate, so care should be taken when rubbing against certain surfaces.


4. Fire

If when burning a leather it begins to smell like burned plastic, it is synthetic leather. It is also important that some types of synthetic leather mentioned above (for example, leatherette) are highly flammable, so it will catch fire without much difficulty.


On the other hand, the original leather will not burn, the leather can harden and change its shape such as shrinking from heat, a consequence of the evaporation of moisture and oils, but it will never catch fire at the level of a synthetic leather.


5. Time.

There are issues in which only time will determine the level of durability and resistance of the leather that we have chosen, since the original leather has a better quality than synthetic leather. Therefore, the duration of the products made with this leather lasts longer, even if they are well made, they will never need to be replaced.

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