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How to sew leather: Needles for sewing leather

Leather because of its properties requires special leather sewing needles, designed exclusively to work this material in the best possible way.

Although sewing leather can be quite similar to sewing some textile materials, it is clearly not the same. Leather in general is a fairly thick fabric, so leather sewing needles are usually required.

These allow you to give the desired finish without damaging the material, of course there are different types of needles for sewing leather, which vary in shape and size, depending on different factors such as:

The thickness of the leather The sewing method, that is to say, if we have decided to sew the leather with a machine or by hand.

The type of leather, remember that there are different types of leather, depending on the animal from which we obtain it, as well as the part of the body to which it belongs.

The finish we are trying to give with the sewing.

The piece that we are sewing, of course the choice of the needle to sew leather, will depend on what we are making, if it is a bag, wallet, shoes or furniture.

Leather is a very versatile material when it comes to working it, we can make an infinite number of objects with it, from shoes and clothes, to cushions and linings for furniture and armchairs.

Its high resistance gives it properties that make it suitable for the elaboration of different pieces, however the needles for sewing leather are a key factor that will help us to work much better with this material.

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If you have decided to sew leather by hand, you may still not be sure where to start.

First you must choose the needle to sew leather that is most useful for you, because remember that when sewing leather by hand you must keep a bit of patience and be quite meticulous.

Because it is a very thick fabric and that in general it is usually quite difficult to sew it by hand, nevertheless in Curtidos Menacho we want to leave you some types of seams that you will be able to use if you want to sew leather by hand:

Simple stitch: for this type of seam, you will need a thick leather sewing needle with it, you will make a straight stitch with a thick polyester thread to make sure that the seam does not break.

Stitching with a stitch with a stitch tape. For this stitch, or seam, you will need a tireta, that is to say, a special needle for sewing leather, where you will have to screw the tireta into the needle.

Saddler: for this stitch you will need two saddler needles and a blunt point.

On the other hand, if you have decided to sew leather by machine, you can also use any standard sewing machine you have at home.

You don't have to invest in a special sewing machine, or anything like that, a clear example of these machines are the simple Singer, however there are factors that you should consider:

You must acquire leather sewing needles, generally size 11-16 If you see that they jump, better choose one more number, never one less, you will know how to recognise leather sewing needles because they have bigger eyes to thread polyester thread, this kind of needles are thicker and firmer.

Don't pin the leather, as this will puncture the material and ruin the whole job.

Use synthetic threads, no cotton thread as this can break both the needle and the leather.

If you notice that the leather is too stiff, you can use a little talcum powder to massage it and make it loosen.

Remember that if you have decided to make with leather, in Curtidos Menacho we offer you a wide variety of this select material, so that you can give life to your creations with us.

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