Sometimes, no matter how much we love a garment or an object made of leather, it is inevitable that the passage of time will show through it.

It is then when cracks or tears appear that can wear the piece and not allow it to look as it did at the beginning, but don't worry, it is something that can be solved.

Constant exposure to the sun causes the leather fibres to wear each other out, deteriorating the item and causing permanent damage to the material, however it is something you can reverse if you start repairing cracked leather.

Cracks in leather are one of the most common types of wear and tear, and can occur in almost any leather object we own.

There are many such as furniture, sofas or seats as stools, armchairs or chairs, are elegant and very decorative, however time does not pass in vain and over the years begin to appear wrinkles of age.

These small wrinkles appear as small fissures and cracks that can be repaired as long as we act in time, but how can we repair cracked leather?

The truth is that repairing cracked leather is not as complex as it sounds.

At the end of the day it is just that, leather, and just like all types of leather, with the necessary surface treatments we can make it look just as we want it to, preserving its beauty for much longer because as you know this material is highly resistant, which guarantees its durability over time.

The first thing to consider before repairing cracked leather is the correct cleaning of the surface to be restored.

It is ideal to take a leather brush, no matter if it is the one you usually use with your shoes or simply a cloth and rub the entire surface well.

This will remove all the dirt and loose leather particles that have come off over time.

Reparar el cuero agrietado

Then take a cloth and dampen it in warm, soapy water and go over every nook and cranny again.

Then with a dry cloth, dry the entire surface and you are ready to start repairing the cracked leather. It is also useful to use other products to remove any soap residue.

A great option is to use a clean cloth, dipped in denatured alcohol, however, then make sure to properly remove the alcohol residue, as it can accelerate the deterioration of the object, as well as damage its original finish and colour, so use a cloth and remove the alcohol from the leather.

The next step is fairly straightforward, as repairing cracked leather is not uncommon, so there are plenty of kits available to help you with this task.

Some are composed of a spray that is just applied to the surface along with the use of a filler product that will help you to create some uniformity on the surface of the material.

After applying the contents of this kit, it will be necessary to sand with a fine grain sandpaper, in this way we will be able to repair the cracked leather we are using.

At Curtidos Menacho we want to help you to keep your leather products in the best possible condition, so that you can enjoy them at all times and so that they always look as good as new.