When you hear the word badana, you may not understand at first hand what we are talking about.

Unlike cattle, most sheep breeds are bred primarily for their wool or for both meat and wool.

The use of their skin for leather is much less common.

This is why the term chamois leather is not as well known as other types of leather.

Although the skin is very porous, flexible and malleable, it is usually less compact and because of this it has many properties that are usually both negative and positive.

However, in this article we will emphasise the positive aspects and the excellent properties that chamois leather has, among them:

It has a great permeability, as you will see, unlike many other leathers, chamois leather is a material that allows fluids to pass through its entire volume, due to its low compactness and porosity. This is why we could say that porosity is also a very common characteristic of chamois leather.

This property refers to materials or elements that have pores or small holes through which liquid materials can pass.

In the case of the chamois pad, porosity is a term closely related to compactness, which is the degree of density that this material has, i.e. the greater the compactness, the lower the porosity.

One aspect to consider when working with chamois is that it is a material with an anisotropic structure.

You may be wondering what that is?

As you will see, just like wood, this material has a sense in which it works best, where its properties can be better exploited.

Common to most leathers is a resistance to tearing, as this resistance gives the chamois leather the support to tear.

Even when it is subjected to forces acting parallel and in the opposite direction on one of its edges, preventing this material from deteriorating easily.

The opposition of the chamois pad to being scratched or penetrated by another body could be considered as hardness.


This material has a high resistance that helps to prevent damage to its surface by other objects

It functions as a thermal insulator, most leathers have this function, the chamois is certainly no exception to this rule.

This material has the ability to have properties that help it to resist the passage of heat or, failing that, the cold.

These properties make the chamois an excellent material for the manufacture of various articles, of course, there are certain of them for which this material would not be the most suitable because it will not adapt correctly to the needs that are required to be solved.

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