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Which paint should I choose?

Which paint should I choose? You may be going through one of those circumstances in which you want to paint a piece made with leather, however, it is clear that leather paints are not the same as those used with other materials such as textiles or polymeric materials.

So yes, if you are considering painting a leather garment the first thing you should look for is leather paint, there are different colors and finishes, as everything will always depend on what you are looking to achieve in the material, also require certain steps to do it the right way, because I'm sure you do not want to stain the piece you want to paint.

Beyond the handicrafts part, a great advantage of leather paints is that they allow us to restore the color of some pieces, as you know leather is a very resistant and durable material, however, it requires certain care to ensure that it is maintained and preserved in good condition over time.

In the market we can get different types of paint for leather, different brands, ingredients and finishes is why you may be wondering how do I know which paint for leather should I choose? First of all you must be clear about the leather of the piece you want to paint, its thickness, texture and of course the finish you want the garment to have after using the leather paint, normally the leather has different textures depending on the animal it comes from, the part of the body and even the age of it.

A clear case is cowhide, which can have different thicknesses and textures depending on the age of the animal, on the one hand the older it is, the thicker and less flexible is the skin, on the other hand if it is from a young animal, it tends to be much more flexible, resistant and soft.

Not all leather paints are the same way in all skins, that is why before applying it on the piece, you should do a color test, to be sure of the final result that could have, this way you will avoid making mistakes and damage the material, because some leather paints, once applied, it is virtually impossible to remove the color. Another important aspect is to know well the objective we have with the piece, that is to say, if we want to decorate, restore or revitalize it, because as you will see, there are paints for leather that are a simple surface finish, while others dye the material in depth.

There are even paints whose finish allows to restore broken or punctured leather, helping us to repair that piece that we love so much, these paints work as a filler, repairing those punctured or worn areas. There are even paints for leather that help to repair wrinkles in the leather, filling the cracks and creating the effect that they were never there, significantly improving the appearance of the garment, restoring it and making it look like new. There are paints for all purposes, decorative, restorative and even to polish the color of the material, everything will always depend on the type of leather and the purpose for which you are looking for the paint, remember that in Curtidos Menacho, we have a wide variety of leathers, so you can create the garments and accessories you want.

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