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Leather gifts: the ideal detail

In our day to day life there are different situations in which we must necessarily have a detail with someone to thank their collaboration, or perhaps to highlight their work career, and that is where leather gifts are the ideal gift.  

There are also birthdays, farewells, reunions, among many other occasions when we want to express affection or gratitude and a leather gift is perfect. 


And among the great variety of options that exist are the leather gifts, they are the ideal gift because they are a guarantee of beauty, quality and style, also because of their durability they are gifts forever.  

But as we know that you may lack time or ideas to choose leather gifts or leather souvenirs, we want to help you make the best decision, of course everything will depend on the type of gift you want to give.


You also have to consider if the gift is for a co-worker, maybe one of your employees, or you just want to bring leather souvenirs to your closest friends after one of your trips to the interior of the country.      

To make things easier for you to choose the best detail, we tell you some ideas to give the best leather gift, the ideal gift.

Leather bags for women.

Leather handbags for women will never go out of fashion because there are always new and great designs, also the material is kept for a long time, so giving a leather handbag or wallet is to make a gift forever.


As you know, leather is a great ally because with this material are made a range of bags such as: for the day, to go to the office, for travel and many more.       

You should always keep in mind that this type of bag is durable, resistant and of great quality, and the best thing is timeless, besides, we all love them.

Leather bracelets:

Bracelets made of this material are an ideal leather souvenir for both women and men, because you can find a great variety of models from casual to the most elegant, ideal to show in any occasion or event.

But why give leather goods as a gift?

Because unlike with other gifts, you won't have to worry about sizes or time, a fine and genuine leather accessory is something that she or he will be able to use at different times and for different seasons. 

Just keep in mind the style and personal taste of the recipient, and you're sure to find the perfect leather gift.  

Because leather is a great material for all kinds of items because it provides very valuable qualities, including flexibility that allows you to have garments without marks caused by use, and of course, this always gives you elegance and good taste.    


And as it is about acquiring the best quality leather, if you are a businessman or craftsman your best option is Curtidos Menacho, because we are leather wholesalers.     

In Curtidos Menachos we offer you a wide catalog with leathers of all kinds, you can find everything you are looking for and at the best price in the market.

As experts in leather tanning we offer our products so that, with them, you can manufacture bags, wallets, and all kinds of high quality items.    

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