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Leather: Environmentally friendly material

Natural Leather as a Solution to the Ecological Crisis

At the beginning of the 20th century, scientist Leo Baekeland was the first person in history to synthesize plastics, an incredibly cheap and malleable material that has inevitably spread through all industries to this day.

But the situation has changed.

The ecological crisis is a global-scale challenge to which we are still searching for a solution.

Scientists report that the world could roll back its global production of plastics to near total elimination, and this is where we, the leather industry, come in to help.

Natural leather is considered biodegradable because of its animal origin, usually cow, goat and lamb, thus producing a minimal impact on the biosphere that is accustomed to this type of material.

Synthetic leathers, however, given their plastic origin, have a negative impact on nature every time they are discarded.

According to scientists, we have strong reasons to believe that leather goods, leather bags, cell phone cases, wallets, cases and packaging will see a disruptive shift away from plastic materials and towards biodegradable ones.

The Properties of Natural Leather

Animal skin has multiple properties such as flexibility, resistance, durability and warmth, which have made it one of the oldest materials used by man for the manufacture of items such as bags, wallets, purses, backpacks, bracelets ... and for the manufacture of clothing.

Genuine leather is an environmentally friendly material for a number of reasons:

It is a material of utilization, the leather is taken after its main use in the food sector.

For years the leather industry has been aware of the environment and the impact it can produce, so the production of natural leather and leather processing, we found that there are ways to treat, tan and produce leather that do not cause pollution of any kind.

Leather industries have joined the "eco-friendly" movement and have made their contribution with the development of innovative techniques to treat leather in tanneries, through processes that do not involve polluting chemicals.

Currently, environmental legislation requires tanneries to have strict recycling processes for water, chromium and other compounds that are then reused.

For all these reasons, natural leather is a material to take into account for multiple uses, in Curtidos Menacho you will find 100% European leather manufactured in Spain, taking care of the origin and production of our products to give you the assurance that you are making a responsible consumption with the environment, when you choose us as leather suppliers to manufacture your natural leather goods.

We can all take care of the Planet by choosing eco friendly products.


The plastic industry is being forced to retreat because of the serious ecological impact it is causing on the planet and the rest of ecofriendly industries are seeing the need to collaborate.

We are in the best moment to start a handmade business based on leather goods, such as cell phone cases, and natural leather is becoming one of the favorite materials.

We also see the trend of the conscious consumer selecting products that contribute to the ecological impact. This is a newborn and growing market, those smart enough and skilled enough will take the lead in this market. 

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