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Nappa leather: Softness and beauty

Have you heard of nappa leather before? Maybe not, but you sure have been delighted to see some beautiful and fine leather shoes without knowing what material they are made of.

Nappa leather, also known as nappa, is a very fine and smooth type of leather that comes from different animals.

The main characteristic of this leather is its softness, which is why it is widely used in the manufacture of quality shoes, as well as handbags, wallets and leather goods in general. It is said that nappa leather has its origin in the United States in the 19th century, when in Napa (California) they developed a process to tan the uncut skin of sheep and lamb; they dyed them in large drums that they rotated for hours, obtaining a very vivid color.

Today, nappa leather is used to refer to smooth leather that is tanned with chrome; it is a highly prized leather, as its natural properties make the leather more resistant to scratches. There are four types of nappa leather: natural or aniline, lightly pigmented, pigmented and buffed:

There are several types of nappa leather depending on the dyeing process.

1. Natural, also known as aniline leather:

It has open pores and can only be dyed with aniline dyes (organic compound), no foot imperfections can be covered.

Some ranchers even look for regions where there are few or no insects to protect their animals from scars.

It is for this reason that this leather is impeccable, hence its excellent quality.

2. Lightly pigmented:

As in the case of natural nappa leather, the lightly pigmented nappa leather is dyed with soluble dyes mixed with pigments, making it authentic in color and rubbing; it also shows an even appearance.

Both nappa leathers mentioned are vapor permeable.

3. Pigmented:

In pigmented nappa leather the color is fixed on the surface, thus, it is less breathable and less delicate, but easier to clean.

4. Polished:

In this case, the grain side of the leather is polished, achieving a smooth surface to which a layer of color is applied; the natural characteristics are gradually lost.

Because of its softness, durability, and high-end appearance, nappa leather is especially used in the manufacture of handbags, gloves, shoes and other accessories.

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