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The special feature of a handcrafted product
It is difficult to describe the feeling of having a piece made in leather with artisanal techniques. 

This gives character and history to the piece.

This is what we feel when we observe how the artisans work the leather, capturing in it their art.

This is what makes special the handcrafted leather products made with the best raw material offered by Curtidos Menacho.

It could be said that a handcrafted product is an expression of art.

It is a genuine manifestation of what the artist wishes to express. 

This is why the handcrafted product is so attractive, because they represent each of these small creators and their world.

What they believe in, and the perspective they have of the world.

At curtidos menacho, we believe in that power of expression. We believe in that creation sculpted in pieces of leather and, because of this, we demand ourselves to offer a raw material that is worthwhile and in which all those artists feel inspired to express their art.

The handcrafted product can be defined as one that is handmade, without the intervention of complex machinery and worked with traditional techniques that, in general, are part of the cultural heritage of the region to which the artisan belongs.

The origin of the handmade product lies in the innate curiosity of human beings to explore their environment and try to transform it.

It is a form of expression, and this is the importance of giving the right value to those works that come from years of cultural heritage.

And it is a known fact that handcrafted products are one of the greatest attractions when one wishes to travel and get to know other cultures.

In Spain we have handcrafted leather products and, it is necessary to know that working with leather has been present in humanity since prehistoric times.

We have to keep in mind that thanks to these small discoveries, mankind managed to evolve

Small discoveries, such as discovering how to work the leather, in order to be able to keep warm in those cold seasons and survive.

In those times it was a necessity to learn these tricks that allowed us to create leather pieces providing warmth in those cold winters.

However, with the advance of mankind, manipulating leather was still a necessity, but it also gradually became a form of expression of the people through the clothing they wore.

At this point we can already make reference to the leather handcrafted creations, with unique touches in which the beliefs and the origin of the hand in charge of the elaboration of the same is observed, as well as a whole inheritance passed from generation to generation, on how to handle these skills. 

Thanks to all this knowledge is that today we can observe products with a lot of history and, within all these materials protagonists in the elaboration of handcrafted products we have the leather crafts.

Leather is an infallible friend for handcrafted products

Leather lends itself to a variety of works such as modeling and embossing.

Leather handicrafts are one of the most extensive in terms of history and is one of the most widespread types of handicrafts in these times.

In Spain there is a long tradition of it, even the one known as "the best mayor of Madrid" also called Carlos III proclaimed that craftsmen and those who know the art of leather would be considered as honest and honest people.

This is a reflection of the importance of leather in the history of Spain and it should be taken into account that it is not only the history of Spain, it is the history of mankind as a whole.

The leather handcrafted products that are currently manufactured in Spain are varied and this art is extensive because it depends on the region to which we refer.

However, one of the most prevalent and most striking is the ornamentation with matting.

It is an amazing technique to achieve that the strokes are captured in the leather, thus achieving to print drawings on the leather piece.

The technique is based on working the wet leather using matting tools.

The mateadores are instruments that are used to work the leather, these should be hit by the opposite end marking the drawing you want to do.

productos artesanales

The strokes should be given in a subtle manner to avoid breaking the skin. 

Of course, this technique requires practice and skill.

In curtidos menacho we feel a high passion for leather and we are interested in creating quality materials that serve as a canvas for all those creators.

Visit our catalog of products of the highest quality and acquire that piece with history, treated in the best way so you can capture those handcrafted creations that represent a whole event.

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