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The leather tanning process
You feel special for that beautiful piece of leather that you have had for years and that is part of many positive memories, that feeling is usually what a good piece of leather gives us.

But haven't you been curious about how that piece came to be what it is right now? 

This is what is known as the tanning process.

How is leather treated? How is it that from a material that at first cannot be used, we obtain something like leather, with all those properties that make us desire that piece of clothing, accessory or an incredible unique and resistant leather jacket.

The leather tanning process is what allows us to enjoy these benefits

It is a process that dates back to the beginning of mankind, in fact it is thanks to this that our ancestors managed to survive during those harsh winters.

But have you ever wondered how all this happens?

If you have this latent curiosity continue reading, we will explain you how this process takes place and also how we in tanneries menacho try that the tanning process originates a piece of leather of the highest quality.

The leather tanning process is divided into different stages and, you have to take into account that this process may vary depending on the leather you are working with and the finish you want to achieve.

 the tanning process.

Processing leather starts with:

    - Curing the skin

This first step is carried out to dry the skin to prevent skin breakdown. 

    - Cleanse and soak. 

This step is of vital importance to restore the skin's hydration.

    - Liming. 

It consists of removing the hair attached to the skin.

    - Fleshing.

The fatty tissue is removed from the skin.

    - Cuts or divisions of the hide.

In this part of the leather tanning process, different cuts and layers are obtained.

We can speak at this point of the grain and the split.

In a very simple way we could say that in the process of mechanical separation of these layers of leather, the upper part where the pore is drawn is called grain leather while the lower part is what we know as split.

    - De-scaling.

The objective of this stage in the tanning process is to eliminate the remains of calcium hydroxide and sodium sulfide.

    - Rendering.

By means of the action of different chemicals, the degradation of the fibers of the dermis is sought in this stage.

Let's say that in this stage we achieve a greater flexibility of the leather.

    - Piquel. 

It is sought to adjust the Ph, for the subsequent processes to be carried out.

    - Degreasing.

Elimination of any excess fat from the leather.

    - Tanning.

We have arrived at that part of the process from which it owes its name the "tanning process".

This stage consists of obtaining from all the previous steps a piece as close as possible to what is the finished piece of leather. But be careful! there are still some steps to complete the process.

Basically what we do in this stage is to stabilize the collagen fibers to finally avoid the rotting of the leather.

    - Lowering.

The thickness of the leather is adjusted to the desired thickness of the final product.

    - Neutralizing.

The pH is adjusted by chemical treatments to correctly carry out the retanning, dyeing and fatliquoring processes.

    - Retanning.

Process in which the leather is treated to obtain a product with the desired characteristics.

    - Dyeing.

Of all the tanning process, this stage is one of my favorites.

It basically gives the leather the desired color and fastness.

    - Fatliquoring.

Gives the leather that desired softness.

    - Drain.

To remove excess water, this allows you to reduce the time in the drying stage.

    - Drying.

Excess water is removed.

    - Treated with machines.

To achieve the desired finish.

    - Finishing.

Process applied to coat the surface of the leather.

    - Pressing.

Temperature and pressure are applied on the piece to achieve a pleasant touch and a fine and compact material.

 the tanning process.

The leather tanning process is long and requires experience in order to achieve the highest quality finish.

At Curtidos Menacho we undoubtedly have the experience that comes from years of work dedicated to the leather tanning process. For this reason, we offer products of excellence.

What are you waiting for?

¡Acquire that piece of leather that will undoubtedly be the main protagonist in that project you want to shape in leather!

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