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Leather shoe design
Shoe design is a whole world full of possibilities. Design enthusiasts, designers and students want to learn this art that involves creativity and experience.

Without a doubt, footwear is an accessory to your outfit that can make all the difference in your look.

The shoes you choose can make you look much more stylish, as well as, the design can be so original and striking that you will not need to pay attention to another element within your look, since the shoes you chose are all you need to stand out in the best way.

For these reasons shoe design is an incredible world to explore.

Stop for a moment and think about those shoes you've always wanted, with that unique touch that defines your style.

Now, think about what you can bring that idea to life and translate that shoe design into reality.

DESIGN YOUR SHOES. It doesn't look like the real thing.

Well, let me tell you that yes it is, it is possible to learn the art of shoe design and bring to reality that design you want so much.

Designing sneakers is a whole new panorama in which many aspiring designers and professional designers aspire to be part of, shoe design has become a basic reference of exclusivity and trend.

The design of your sneakers is no longer an accessory in our wardrobe, today is imposed as an element of trend and exclusivity.

There are techniques and tools to design shoes and it is necessary to know what they are and how to use them, but just as this point is important, the imagination and creation of the designer are equally valuable.

As I have mentioned, creating your own sneakers and expressing all your shoe design ideas is something possible, but it does not mean that it is easy.

diseño de zapatos

There are techniques that are perfected with practice and experience.

It is necessary that you experiment, that you learn from the specialists in the subject.

Make mistakes while you are a beginner and learn from those mistakes to become a very experienced shoe designer.

The first step in designing a shoe is to cut the leather. 

It is necessary to obtain the best quality leather, the final result depends on the quality of the leather used.

For this reason, all our customers prefer us, because of the quality of our product. One of the most used products in the manufacture of leather shoes is cowhide as well as lambskin. 

Once the leather is chosen and cut, it is sewn, assembled with the last and the sole is placed.

These are the main steps, now, the creative process, that is, the design of the shoe is much more specific and this depends on what the designer wants to do and how he wants to carry it out.

Most shoe designers use computer aided design programs or freehand drawing templates to create the model of their shoes.

It is very rare that they decide not to use any of the above and start each drawing from scratch.

There are different methods to design footwear and among the most used we have the following:

  • Designing by computer is a good method that helps to save time because you can replicate the design as many times as you want.
  • You could print the last design as many times as you want using templates.
  • You could use cardboard molds on which you mark with lines the shape of the last.
  •  Drawing from scratch (being a problem because of the loss of time).

These different options give freedom to choose any of these methods, but it is necessary to know that for a beginner in this world of shoe design, the last design is essential, so it is better to use templates or any kind of help to create fully functional shoes.

Shoe design and drawing templates are an excellent tool for all students, fashion design enthusiasts and shoe designers when it comes to making new creations.

Drawing templates give the designer an overview of how the footwear will look like (design) and based on this the designer will make his creation.

The creative process comes into play. 

Using design templates is the best way to design shoes and that is why we recommend you to use them.

Be part of this incredible world of shoe design, there are many reasons to do it, the simple fact that successful designers, famous actresses, magazines, stylists... all of them focus their eyes on this object of luxury and desire, is reason enough to do it.

Design original products and creativities made with the best raw material.

In curtidos Menacho we offer you a wide variety of leathers that you CANNOT MISS.

Don't wait any longer. 

Start today with that great dream of designing your own shoes with the best main component that only Curtidos Menacho can offer you.

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