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How to dye leather

Leather as a raw material will always be a trend. It is a resistant and durable material. A piece of leather lasts so long that there comes a time when we want to touch up the color, read on to learn how to dye leather.

One of the positive aspects of buying a good piece of leather is its durability.

It can be years since you bought that piece of leather you love so much and it's still a sensation.

And, a clear advantage of buying leather products is that the more you use it, the more personality that piece shows.

Of course, if you have taken care of it from the passage of time.

Keep in mind that time passes and leaves marks, and it is our job to try to make it pass as peacefully as possible.

But, if you have carried out the basic and simple steps that you should apply to take care of the leather, then that piece of leather you have is probably in great condition.

Now, if you do not know what care I refer to I leave you our article Tips to care for and maintain leather so you know from now on how to take care of those leather pieces that you like so much.

Among these steps that I mentioned we can talk about a very special one and this is to dye the leather. Is it possible to dye leather at home? Many times we want to change the color of that piece of leather and we think that this is impossible. But, you can do it. When we buy a piece of leather, we buy a product that has been through a process known as tanning.

The raw material that we consume is what is obtained from this process. When going through this process there is a section of it in which the leather is dyed and that is when the final piece has its characteristic color.

This process can be carried out at home, in case you want to renew the color of that piece of leather you like so much. Now, in Curtidos Menacho we recommend you to get advice from experts in the area on how to dye leather. Especially to know what kind of dye and tool is the right one for your piece.

how to dye leather

For this reason the following question is very common: How to dye leather?

Leather dye: The dye for leather you can buy them in any store specializing in this type of process.

You should consider the following before purchasing a dye in a store:

• Alcohol-based dyes harden the leather, while water-based dyes soften and soften the leather.

• Many water-based dyes are actually coatings, which can change the color of the item completely. (you need to be aware of this)

• Keep in mind that the color of the dye is not a representative of how the dye will look on your leather piece, test it before using.

You can apply the dye with a spray, brush or sponge.

This will depend on the type of leather, the dye you are using and which tool makes it easier for you to apply the dye.

Tape over all the areas that you do not want to dye.

All those details, such as buckles and trim that you do not want to dye the leather, you have to cover them so that they do not suffer the effect of dyeing. Work in a well ventilated place.

Do not prepare the solutions in poorly ventilated places. BE CAREFUL.

The solutions emanate fumes that are harmful to health. Protect your hands and cover your floors so they don't get stained.

Cover your hands and work with an apron that protects you from getting stained by the dye.

Apply the leather preparation solution. You have to rub in the leather-preparing solution, also known as leather cleaner.

This prepares the leather so that the dye can penetrate evenly. Wet the leather. Use a damp cloth to prepare the surface of the leather. It should not be wet, just damp. Some leather dyes do not require this step.

Check the label. Apply the first coat. I recommend you to start with a brush painting the edges, to be able to paint the rest proceed to apply a thin layer of the dye. The tool you use to apply it will depend.

In any case, check the product label to see what type of tool the manufacturer recommends.

how to dye leather

If you are not sure which tool to use, consider the following:

1. Using sponges can be used to achieve a special texture. If you decide to apply the dye with a sponge, apply it in a circular motion.

2. If you are going to apply the dye in a small area you can choose wool applicators.

3. Brushes are recommended for edges and small areas, but not for large areas because it will be very difficult to hide the brush strokes.

4. The sprays are my favorite, it looks professional and you don't have to worry about hiding brush marks and stuff.

Apply additional coats of stain. Apply as many coats of stain as you want to get to the shade of color you want.

Most are achieved between 3 and 6 applications.

So, be patient. Let the leather dry, try to move it from time to time so that the piece does not harden.

This drying process can take about 24 hours, fold the piece using gloves to prevent the piece from hardening.

Finally polish the leather and apply a polish if you want that effect.

How to dye leather, is a simple and easy process that can result in a great recovery project for that piece of leather.

In Curtidos Menacho we encourage you to carry out this process with this guide on how to dye leather.

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