How to enhance the color of leather?

The versatility of this type of material gives it a world of infinite possibilities for its use and mostly this use is linked to fashion. In the world of fashion, the colors of leather are very diverse, it all depends on the season, the style and the colors that are trending top at that time. Many will wonder, how do they get a wide variety of leather colors? Another very common question is, what is the color of the leather?

Well, the wide range of different colors of leather depends a lot on the type of treatment that is given. There are several ways to give such fantastic colors to leather and we will mention several.

Using commercial leather dyes

It is one of the most used ways today, you just have to choose the right leather dye. Many of these products usually come with a solution included to treat the leather and leave it with a finish that can be a polish, for example. Choose the dye that suits you best and once you have chosen said dye, follow these simple steps.

✅ Place a tape in the areas you don't want to be dyed.

✅ Color the leather in a place with good ventilation.

✅ Cover the surface where you work so it doesn't stain and protect your hands.

✅ Apply the leather solution.

✅ Wet the leather.

✅ Apply the first layer.

✅ Apply more layers of dye.

✅ Let the leather dry completely.

✅ Polish the leather with a clean cloth and apply a polish to it.

Improve the color of leather by hand

Using more traditional methods are a way to enhance the color of the leather that comes from its nature. One of the techniques most used by master craftsmen in leather goods is the use of vinegar and oxide to dye leather black.

One of the advantages of this method to give leather a dark color, compared to the previous one, is that it is cheaper and historically the ancestors used this ancient technique, and what better way to honor the great leather goods ancestors than by giving prominence to this ancient leather coloring technique You must follow the following steps:

✅ Choose a source of rust: (Iron shavings, uncoated iron nails or any rustable metal).

✅ Put vinegar to heat.

✅ Place the chosen metal in the vinegar: (do it for a week).

✅ Keep the resulting substance in a container.

✅ Filter the liquid.

✅ Soak the leather in an extra-strong infusion of black tea.

✅ Soak the leather for half an hour in the dye made with vinegar and iron.

✅ Use a baking soda solution to neutralize the leather.

✅ Use fat to condition leather.

There are other tricks to coloring leather, such as using mink oil, but with the two ways we've outlined you'll ensure that your purse or bag is so shiny it looks like it's just been bought.

You already have an idea of ​​why the color of leather can vary so much and we also gave you some tips so that you can experiment with your leather pieces yourself and bring creativity and imagination to life in fashion.

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