Eliminate leather odor

Leather is a material that comes from the treatment (tanning) of the skin of some animals. For this reason, the smell of leather can be unpleasant for people, in this article we are going to mention several methods to completely eliminate that not-so-pleasant smell of leather.

Coffee to remove the smell of leather.

This is one of the easiest ways to remove that characteristic smell from leather. It is important to know that they are coffee beans and not ground coffee, since otherwise we could run the risk of leaving a stain on the leather item or that the ground coffee remains in the pores of the piece. To remove the smell of leather with coffee, we must follow these steps:

  • Take a bag and make sure there are no holes or any type of perforation.
  • Put the piece of leather in the bag and add a handful of coffee.
  • Close the bag hermetically, so that air cannot get in or out.
  • Give the bag a little shake to distribute the coffee grounds evenly over the entire leather item.
  • Let 24 hours pass, open the bag and remove the leather object.
  • Then, let the piece air out for a few hours.

After the necessary hours of ventilation, the smell will disappear from the piece of leather.

This method is one of the fastest and most effective to remove the smell of leather from any piece.

Newspaper to remove the smell of leather

Wrap the leather item in newspaper. The porous quality of newsprint makes it an ideal material for absorbing bad odors from leather. Always make sure that the piece of leather is completely dry in the same way as the paper to be used.

  • Crumple up several sheets of newspaper, place them in a box, and place the leather object.
  • Close the box and leave it sealed for a day or two.
  • Open the box and check that the newspaper did its job and got rid of the bad smell.
  • Clean the leather with a vinegar solution. The acid present in the vinegar helps counteract bad odors and the smell of this substance will also be dispersed along with the others.
  • Before using any vinegar-based cleaner, test it on a piece of leather to ensure it won't discolor the accessory.
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe the surface of the leather with the vinegar solution.
  • You can also use a spray bottle to spray the solution evenly over the leather item.
  • If the leather smell is really strong, you can soak the item in the vinegar solution for five to ten minutes. Be sure to thoroughly dry the leather after soaking it to prevent mold growth.

How to avoid the smell of leather after getting wet?

Dry wet leather immediately. In general, if the leather gets wet and is not treated immediately, it will generate an odor that is difficult to remove from the piece. If your case is that your leather accessory got wet, these steps could help you.

  • Place it in a place in your house where it receives indirect sunlight. Direct contact with sunlight can cause leather to crack and wear.
  • Use a hair dryer on low power. Avoid getting the hair dryer too close to the piece of leather, as this can cause it to crack.
  • Use a clean, dry cloth to dry the leather.

I hope that these homemade methods will be of great help to you so that your favorite pieces of leather become part of your outfit again, without having to worry about the smell of leather.

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