Leather pants are a trend this 2022, make your own.

Leather pieces have reigned for centuries, we can say that it was the first garment used by man. Over time, other materials began to emerge and took away ground from our beloved material, but as many say "Fashions do not pass, they only take vacations" this year comes with everything and colored leather pants are already a trend in many parts of the world.

The variety of styles and colors that leather pants now have is of great magnitude. Leather invaded the wardrobe as a timeless basic, that is, leather pieces, whether they are shirts, skirts, jackets, bags, will look great on any occasion and season.

The leather pants that promise to banish jeans to the bottom of the drawer are those with a straight leg and, above all, with a high waist. However, many of the designs that are making a difference in this fashion are 100% handmade leather garments.

We already told you a little about what is the fashion for this year, now we will show you how to make your own leather pants.

How to choose the leather to make a leather pants?

First of all, you have to get a soft and moldable leather to the body so that you highlight your attributes. The quality of the leather is a very important factor, since this type of garment will be constantly worn when walking.

When you have the ideal leather, you proceed to make the pattern. I recommend you look for a pre-designed pattern and adapt it to your figure. In many sewing and craft blogs, you will find different types and designs of pants that will suit your tastes. Be careful... previously we gave you some tips on what the trends are going to be for this year 2022, if you want to be guided by that model and experiment with the color of leather that you like the most.

Before cutting the leather and when you have the pattern ready, I want you to make sure that the measurements of the pattern are the ones you need, take your measurements again and certify that those are the exact measurements.

When you get ready to sew, make sure you have the right tools for making leather. (In one of our previous articles we talked about what tools you have to have to be able to make beautiful pieces of leather).

How to care for leather pants?

When you finish the piece and start using it, I recommend you follow these simple steps to ensure that your leather pants will last for generations.

  • Never immerse your leather pants in water, clean them with special products for leather or with a damp cloth.
  • When you store your leather pants in the closet, be sure to cover them with a piece of cloth or in a canvas case, so you ensure that they will be protected from moisture.
  • Do not leave these types of garments in the sun, they will lose their color and shine over time.
  • If you are not an expert in leather care, we recommend taking your leather garments to one who is.

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